4 Mistakes Students Make During WASSCE

The dream of every WASSCE candidate is to come out of the examination hall smiling. Well, this may be just a dream because some students usually come out of the exams hall weeping and crying.

Crying after the examinations doesn’t mean the person didn’t learn. It may be due to some mistakes the person made before and during the examination. In today’s article, we will be looking at some mistakes WASSCE candidates make during WASSCE.

1. Not Creating A Personal Study Timetable

A personal study timetable is a draft of the subjects you want to study for each day of the week. The timetable should cover from Monday to Sunday. Creating a personal study timetable is a productive reading technique to get good grades in your examination. A study timetable should not contain too many goals. The problem here is that you will not be able to achieve your study objectives if you do not create one.

2. Studying without Past Questions

Studying WASSCE past questions is the open secret to getting better school grades. The past questions booklet contains the examination questions over the last (ten) years. Studying past questions is to gauge your preparation and know the exam format. Without past questions, you may not know how to tackle exam questions. Ensure you get a WAEC past questions with correct answers for all subjects. Do not cram the questions and answers into the past questions. You are to use it to practice and test your preparation.

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3. Not Answering The Question

There are two main reasons why students make such mistakes in the exams hall. First of all, many students are in a hury to start answering questions hence they fail to patiently read the question and to understand it. If you rush through reading a question and fail to understand it you are likely to deviate thus provide answers that never answered the question.

When you are not able to read properly and to comprehend, you can mess up your chances of passing. Sometimes, the allocated marks to a question should give you a clue as to the kind of answers required. A discussion question with 20 marks is not a one-paged essay and you know that.

A one-word answer for a 5-mark question is not going to be enough if you want to obtain a high score for that question.

Many students fail to check the marks available, no wonder in marking examination scripts some students write a full page for a 5 mark question and help page for a 15 mark question.

How ever, if you are good at condensing your answers into small spaces so that your two and a half-page answer can be put on a page and a half, then you can still earn the required mark. Some times people can also write many pages but with less relevant information.

But very often than note, if your answer is short, it is possible you have missed some important facts.

4. Total Dependence On Teachers And Tutors For Exams Preparation

If you think total dependence on your teacher will help you pass your exams, then you are wrong.

As a BECE 2023 WASSCE 2023 candidate, you have to do a lot more on your own. Constant reading, preparation and looking for additional materials on the subject matter will broaden your mind, understanding and make your answers richer d unique. Do not over depend on your tutor, do more for your self and increase your understanding. Today, almost everything you are learning is available on the internet.

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