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6 Months Without Teacher Training Allowance, We’re Starving -Trainees Cry

6 Months No Allowance We're Starving #PayAllawaArrears -Trainees Cry

6 Months No Allowance We're Starving #PayAllawaArrears -Trainees Cry

Ghana Education News| 6 Months without Allowance, We are Starving #PayAllawaArrears Now! – Teacher trainees

Teacher trainees have staged an online protest indicating that their Teacher Trainees Allowance is in arrears for 6 months.

It looks as if the campaign promise to restore trainee allowances and pay teachers and nursing admitted into colleges of education and nursing training colleges is becoming an albatross on the neck of government amidst the Covid-19 pandemic.

To drive home their demand of what is due them, teacher trainees led a powerful demonstration on social media which is not expected to slow down any moment soon.

The teacher trainees online protest was to voice out their grievances over the failure of the government to pay their allowances. The hashtag that trended in the last 24hours is #PayAllawaArrears which was trending the entire day on Twitter.

Some of the tweets read…

“Nurses and teacher trainees deserve better…6months no allowance how do you @NAkufoAddo and your government expect them to pay their fees and also rent rooms for their coming out program”

“You expect teachers to deliver at their job post, yet they lack the motivation to do so. The energy used in approving loans for cars for MPs, kindly use that same energy and pay these teachers. Ya’ll politicians are often wicked and inhumane  #PayAllawaArrears”

I am a teacher trainee I chose to teach because I had the passion but I can’t render a passion on an empty stomach and bad motivation. Yes we know we can’t be millionaires but give us what is due us. Our fess is too much and we are running double-track too. #PayAllawaArrears”

Teacher trainees were joined by Nursing and NABCO trainees as they stormed Twitter to expose how Nana Addo and the NPP government have stopped them their allowances contrary to what they said to garner votes for the 2020’s presidential elections.

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The teachers indicated that they are broke because the allowance has stopped coming. To compound matters their fees are high and they cannot afford it, one of the Twitter messages indicated.

They called on the government to expedite action and ensure their allowance are paid without any further delay.

The Nana Addo-led government promised to restore the teacher and nursing trainees allowance if he wins the 2016 general elections.

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In 2017, haven been given the mandate to govern, Nana Addo restored the trainee allowances which was canceled by the erstwhile John Mahama government.

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