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7 Most Protected Persons On Earth

Let’s take a look at the seven most protected persons on earth. These top personalities spend millions of dollars to make sure that they are safe always.

7. Mark Zuckerberg

CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg has been under the protection of armed executive police officers. Zuckerberg has spent around $20 million on security with $7.3 million for his bodyguards and his home and travels.

6. Prince Charles

He has a huge protecting royal guards called King’s Guard, and an enormously large number of forces entirely invisible at public events. In addition to bodyguards, the king and all the royal family members always travel with a police escort.

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5. Xi Jinping

One of the most powerful head of states, Xi Jinping, the President of China, is under the protection of thousands of strong armed guard unit called Central Security Bureau. Whenever he travels, there comes a massive security blanket along with him, as during a 2017 visit to Hong Kong, few cities were shut down. With 11,000 police officers,

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4. Pope Francis

Pope Francis comes at the forth place in the list of most protected persons on earth. Pope Francis is the one who is under the protection of Swiss Guard. Pope insists on walking among his thousands of followers, though that brings a great threat to his safety. With the presence of his Swiss Guards, there is no option of getting worried.

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3.Kim Jong Un

Kim Jong Un comes at number three place in the list of most protected persons on earth.  Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un is undoubtedly one of the most controversial politicians on the world. Taken to be the most powerful and protected man on earth, his team comprises of 12 highly trained martial artists who remain around him and jogs alongside him whenever he travels. Aside this, about 90,000 soldiers are always at standby or around him ensuring his safety.

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2. Joe Biden

Joe Biden comes at number two place in the list of most protected persons on earth. The President of powerful country United States, Joe Biden has been under the coverage of 1000 highly trained security personnel with the presidential motorcade including a quick response team and a sealed cabin.

Biden is also provided with Air Force, one of the most secure aircraft in the world. The presidential limousine nicknamed The Beast, the Marine One helicopter and alumni supporting vehicles and staff.

1. Vladimir Putin

Vladimir Putin, comes at number one on the list. The president of the strongest country, Russia, is the most protected person on earth. Putin’s security is so secretive that only assumptions can be made. Putin has gained countless protests, threats and assassination attempts, because of which Putin’s safety is the most. Putin has a 3000 plainclothes officers to guard him with armored cars, drones, and a dedicated psychological security unit that collects intelligence regarding any perceived threats. Nevertheless, Putin is a very well protected man alive on earth

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