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8 Teachers Developmental Skills Needed To Work In The Educational Sector

Teaching is an art. continues practice perfect it. Read, invest in educational trainings and skill development.

Teachers Developmental Skills

Every individual who intends to become a teacher or is a teacher needs to have 8 Teachers Developmental Skills to function effectively and efficiently in the education sector.

Different roles requiring lots of unique skills have become part of the Educational sector. Do you have the passion or desire for a career in teaching? Let’s look at the developmental skills you need to develop to be a teacher, trainer, or tutor. But before that, let’s answer this question first…

Why Consider A Teaching Career?

The teacher makes a difference in the learner’s life, an outstanding teacher is literally a life-changer to learners. Some teachers join the teaching sector because they have a passion and love for the teaching profession. Teachers love imparting knowledge to others hence bringing out the best doctors, lawyers, presidents, counsellors, pastors, Reverend Fathers etc to the family, society, community, country, nation, and the world. Also, some teachers had unpleasant experiences at the hands of their teachers, so they vowed to become teachers to help students experience the very best teaching/learning atmosphere in the classroom for the learners. To prevent the next generation from feeling, let down by poor teaching methods they experienced.

Secondly, the teaching sector gets filled with different activities and time to do other personal kinds of stuff. It is not like some other professions where you spent the entire day at the office behind the desk and go home tired and depressed. In the educational sector, there are a variety of routines like sports day, excursion day, school trips, entertainment day, holidays, and the occasional unexpected activities. Thus, helping the teacher to have fun at the same time work, helps in relaxation and more energy gain for the classroom as well.

Now onto the developmental skills…

8 Teacher Developmental Skills Needed To Work As An Educator

#1 Communication as an essential developmental skills

The most important skill in teaching is communication information. This is verbal or written and any other route from practical demonstrations to artistic interpretations, whatever method gets your message across to your students and help them understand perfectly.

How To Develop Communication Skills

The following steps will help you build confidence in communication skills, join a debating club /society, a student council or even an improvement group.

Certain jobs such as part-time receptionist, volunteering as a peer support group leader, writing for a school magazine/newspaper or taking responsibility for the school website will help build your self-confidence hence, development of verbal/ written and creative communication skills.

#2 Creativity

Students/learners learn and remember what we teach best when they are doing something fun and interesting. It is your duty as the teacher/tutor/facilitator to be creative in your teaching approach, find innovative and fun ways for your students to learn. Make the classroom an interesting and fun-loving environment.


How To Develop The Creativity Skill

Taking up an artistic hobby, like painting, music, or drama will help you a long way in developing creative skill.

Get conversant with sharing ideas and brainstorming when there’s a problem- it’s the skill that will help you connect with your colleagues in the future, come up with more creative ideas and solutions. You must get inspired, use any opportunity to volunteer in a classroom to learn from your teacher’s approach.


#3 Teachers Developmental Skills No. 3 is Patience 

Students learn at different rates, the time will come that you have to explain something seven times in seven different ways before it sticks, it’s part of the job. Also, you will face challenging behaviours (tantrums, fights, teen problems etc.), you need to stay calm and patient, do not lose your temper.

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How to develop the skill of Patience

Patience is a virtue and is an inherent character trait, but it impossible to improve on it. Practice the ability to think before you speak, or make patience your daily goal for life.

#4 Confidence Skill

This skill helps you when you’re standing in front of a class teaching, whether an adult or kids class. Most educational sector jobs entail public speaking, so being confident is a MUST!

How To Develop Confidence As A Skill

Challenge yourself and try out new things, have the courage to do things that scare the hell out of you. For instance, speaking in front of your class during group presentations, taking up leadership positions in school, etc.

Confident people are themselves and bold without worrying about people’s opinions or pleasing anyone. Make these phrases part of your daily life ‘NO’ and ‘I disagree’.

#5 Conflict Resolution Skill

Senior High and Junior High School teachers must make this skill a part of their lives. If you can diffuse tense situations before they explode, then you will handle upset teenagers and the ones with the knack of testing your authority in class.

How To Develop Conflict Resolution Skills As Teacher

You will learn behavioural Management skills during your teacher training program, but you can still have a head start. Find a workshop or read on conflict resolution online, apply what you read/learned in your everyday activity. Many volunteering positions will offer you conflict resolution training, especially when working with teenagers or children.

Be conscious of how you act. If you end up in a conflict at work, with your friends or during a project, sit down afterwards and reflect on how you reacted and what you might do differently next time.

#6 Organization Skill

As a teacher organization skills will aid you in marking exercises and tests, write lesson notes and plan your lessons around your school allocated hours, and file and reuse the resources you develop.

How to develop organizational skills as a Teacher

Practice organization while you study. If a friend asked to borrow your lecture notes, would you know where to find them straight away? If not, sit down and work out a system.
Keep your calendar up-to-date and plan out how you’ll fit your to-do list items into each day. (Don’t have a to-do list? That’s another thing to work on.)

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Conclusively, teachers have three loves: love of learning, love of learners, and the love of bringing the first two loves together. Education is our passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare for it today. I am not a teacher, but an awakener. The art of teaching is the art of assisting discovery. Teaching is a great career choice, just learn to develop the above-mentioned developmental skills, then you are good to go. Also, teaching is not the only career opportunity in the education sector, consider the following career choices if teaching is not your passion…

  • admissions officer
  • departmental secretary
  • alumni officer
  • registrar
  • bursar
  • policy officer
  • pupil services officer
  • training administrator
  • finance administrator
  • human resources manager

If you lack any of the 8 teachers developmental skills needed to work as an educator, work at it.

Teachers have three loves: love of learning, love of learners, and the love of bringing the first two loves together. – Scott Hayden

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