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Allow SHS1 students to change programmes – GES to Heads of SHS

SHS1 students to change programmes

The management of Ghana Education Services has directed head teachers of Senior High Schools to allow SHS1 students to change programmes of study if they want to do so.

This means students can select new programmes instead of the ones they choose ahead of the school placement. Changes made are to be forwarded to the Director-General of the GES for action.

The GES has also called on Headteachers to provide counselling to students so that they can choose programmes that are not overpopulated.

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For example, a student who chose, Visual arts can opt for General Arts or any other programme offered in the school he or she has enrolled in. However, it will be prudent that parents and guardians whiles making inputs into these decisions ensure they do not compel students to study programmes they (parents) prefer.

The “Allow SHS1 students to change programmes” directive will ensure that students who did self-placement and had to choose programmes they did not have interest in, get a second chance to right the wrong and to study a programme they are interested in.

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Students are advised to make changes only when necessary and based on their strength and interest or future career ambitions. Only such informed decisions are encouraged.

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