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Asokore SDACoE Matriculation held, Vice-Principal calls for discipline

The Colleges of Education Teachers Association have resumed its nationwide strike effective Friday 6th January 2023 Asokore SDACoE Matriculation held

Asokore SDACoE Matriculation has been held for first-year students at a brief and colourful ceremony. 

The Vice-Principal of SDA College of Education, Asokore – Koforidua, Dr. Cecilia O. Odame has admonished all newly admitted student teachers of the College to be disciplined. She made these remarks on the occasion of the 15th Matriculation ceremony of the College held on Thursday, 4th February 2021.

Dr. Cecilia Odame noted that “discipline and determination are our hallmarks and it is my hope and prayer that our freshmen and women will live up to expectation”.

The Vice-Principal also used the occasion to welcome the student teachers into the College and commended them for having made such an excellent choice of choosing SDA College of Education, Koforidua.

A total of 865 student teachers were matriculated into the College for the 2020/21 academic year to pursue a 4-year Bachelor of Education degree. This comprises of 343 male and 522 female students.

Asokore SDACoE Matriculation held

The number comprises of Early Grade Education: 146 students of which 139 are female and 7 male students; Primary Education: 336 students comprising 198 female and 138 male students; Junior High School Education: 383 students, made up of 185 female and 198 male students.

Education and Development Consultant, Dr. Sam Awuku an alumnus of the College who was the Guest Speaker indicated that the College will not compromise on its standards to ensuring that the newly admitted student teachers receive the best teacher training at SDA College of Education.

Dr. Awuku noted that “Our track record of providing a holistic education has transcended the borders of Ghana where alumni from this institution are translating into practice the training they received here. Alumni of this college have been among some of the best teacher prize awardees – runners’ and the overall best teacher. The 2019 and 2020 Ghana’s overall best teacher prize winners are proud products of this great College. We will support you to receive a true education here. A true education that will enable you shine, and stand tall wherever you find yourself. You have started a very momentous journey to joining a very noble and honourable profession. I therefore challenge you to aim for excellence”.

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Asokore SDACoE Matriculation held

Speaking on the effects the COVID-19 pandemic has caused to education, Dr. Sam Awuku stated “that we are not in normal times. COVID-19 pandemic has altered our social, economic, and academic life. In fact, it has changed our life completely. Globally, we have had to resort to new ways of teaching and learning, with additional demands and new learning for both faculty and students. I am aware that at this college, you have been able to use social media platforms such as WhatsApp and Telegram as learning platforms to complement the Moodle learning management platform provided by your mentoring universities – University of Education, Winneba, and University of Cape Coast. I am also aware that your faculty members have undergone training in remote teaching strategies using technology”.

Asokore SDACoE Matriculation held

“The future policy direction offers opportunity for us as a nation to adopt and adapt blended learning approaches in schools and universities. That is one lesson we can learn from the COVID-19 pandemic. Another lesson we can learn is that COVID-19 is real and it kills. Our responses, therefore, is to religiously follow the protocols; wash your hands regularly with soap and running water, always wear a nose masks in all gatherings (obviously except when you are on your own), and if you are using a reusable mask, please wash it after each day’s use and for disposable ones, the advice is to dispose off properly after 4 hours of continuous use” he added.

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The matriculation ceremony was graced by members of the College Governing Council, University of Education – Winneba Vice Chancellor’s representative, the Clergy, the Municipal Chief Executive for New Juaben North and Chiefs and elders from Asokore and Suhyen towns.

Source: News Desk, Colleges of Education Weekly Journal  

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