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Benefits Of Being The President Of Ghana

Being the president of Ghana comes with a lot of responsibilities. It also comes with several benefits, be it financially, health, physically or even on retirement. Let’s take a look at some benefits of being the president of Ghana.

1. You get to fly in your own Presidential Jet

Due to security reasons, the president of Ghana has its own jet that flies him to any destination. It is very hard for you to see the president of Ghana fly in a commercial jet, unless it is the best option available.

2. Presidents get their own motorcade and special car

Anyone who’s been to Ghana knows just how time-consuming the Presidential motorcade takes at any time of the day. But maybe you didn’t know there’s also a special bullet-proof car specifically for the president to ride in. As a president of Ghana, you don’t need to be stay in a traffic light. Your vehicle must always be on the move.

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The president of Ghana arguably has the best protection in the country. The president has security personnel at his/her disposal. The police, army and any other state security always protect the president both when he is in office and after he is done serving.

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3. State funeral

The state will organize and take charge of the burial of a sitting president or a former head of state. Ghana has in recent times created the ‘Asomdwe park’ where presidents who die will be buried. The first president to be buried there was Prof John Mills.

4. A pretty pension

The president of Ghana will continue to be paid even when he is out of office. Ex-president John Mahama, for instance, retired on a salary of GH¢22,809. The other two ex-presidents (John Rawlings and John Kuffuor) receive a non-taxable salary of GH¢15,972. That makes for a pretty pension which no other job can guarantee.

5. Presidents of Ghana Gets Their Own Cooks And Chef

6. President of Ghana do not pay tax

Chapter 8 Article 68 clause 5 of the Constitution of Ghana states that the president’s salary, allowance, facilities, pensions, and gratuity shall be exempted from tax. This means that the president of the republic is exempted from taxes on benefits he enjoys

7. Health Insurance

The state gives the president access to world-class healthcare anytime it is needed. The current and ex-presidents of Ghana have lifetime health insurance. The state pays for all their health expenses no matter the costs.

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