The Public Utilities Regulatory Commission (PURC) has announced an increase in electricity and water tariffs by 4.22 % and 1.18% respectively, effective September 1, 2023.

This comes on the back of a conclusion of regulatory process for the quarterly adjustment of tariff by the PURC.

The quarterly tariff review mechanism aims to track and incorporate changes in key factors used in determining natural gas, electricity and water tariff.

A statement issued by the PURC on Tuesday August 22, 2023, noted that, “The Commission however approved a 4.22% increase across board in the average end-user electricity tariff for non-lifeline residential customers.”

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It added that, “For the average end-user for water, life-line customers will experience no increase or change in tariff. The Commission however approved a 1.18 % increase in tariff for all other water customer group”.

PURC Adkits exotics variables are affecting consumers and utilities alike.

Rr. Ackah disclosed that the commission gave considerable thought to the role of small and medium scale enterprises in the county’s economic development, particularly the creation and perseveration of jobs and livehoods.

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To address the challenge, for the first time, industry, including small and medium scale business owners of hairdressing and beauty parlour or saloons, barbering shops, tailoring and dress making shops, welding, mechanics, cold stores, shop bars, vulcanizing and carpentry workshops among others, will now pay lower tariffs than residential consumers class”, he stated.

“This is to address the high electricity cost for individual customers, which has been repeated identified in the AGI Business Barometer as the key challenge affecting the competitiveness of Ghanaian industry in the global marketplace,” he added.

He said the PURC in ensuring the interests of both consumers and utilities acknowledged that the very economic variable that has occasioned the steep increases proposed by the service providers also affected consumers.
“The commission admitted, however, that some level of invmcreases in utility tariffs were inevitable if the nation was to avoid another dumsor (loadshedding) and its attendant effects including job losses” he added.

“After the major tariff review, the Commission will implement its quarterly tariff review in line with its Rate Setting Guidelines for Quarterly Review Gas, Electricity and Water Tariffs” Said Dr. Achah

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