4 thoughts on “Bring back BECE cut-off point in 2024: Candidates are NOT serious (Flashback)

  1. It is a very big GOOD idea. There should be a cut-off point for the BECE. Because, they don’t have time to learn again. The way it is now, if you learn and I didn’t learn is the same.
    This is from Kpandai District Northern region.

  2. Northern region students is much better than Southern students. But we don’t know why they perform more than us? What I wrote is not what I saw. I don’t know if WAEC know that we are poor we don’t have money to go for remarking.

  3. You are over simplifying the situation. 70% complaints implies the children need a listening ear rather being been brushed aside typical of Africans on issues relating children. The same teachers who thought the previous candidates when there was cut off are the same ones teaching the current ones. They know the performances of their children then and those of today and are all raising concern. I guess you should have rather taken steps to prove the concerns of the children right or wrong, that is the fact, and not dranw a nom-factual hasty conclusion. You don’t feel the pinch when your foot is Moy in the shoe.

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