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Buy Life Insurance Policy that creates a job for you, examines you medically

Buy Life Insurance Policy

Many Ghanaians will die poor due to bad insurance and investment choices and policies in Ghana. Yes, this is the bitter truth. Many of us buy insurance and investment policies like we buy fast food on the streets of Accra.

How will you feel if a Life Insurance Policy you bought, creates a job and a monthly additional income for you?

How confident will you be if the same premium you pay currently which pays you GHS25,000 claims can actually pay you GHS250,000.00 elsewhere in Ghana for the same insurance policy?

Do you know there is an insurance company in Ghana which trains you on financial independence and their policy, helps you to do medical reports at no cost to you before your policy is processed? This is the beginning of a great relationship with Ghana’s preferred Insurance company.

Insurance is not about preparing for death rather it is building a financially sound lifestyle and building capital as you age. This makes your life stress-free financially and helps you attain financial independence.

Very often, we do not get the needed explanations, and information to help us make informed decisions on this critical matter of owning a Life Insurance Policy.

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Many Ghanaians have bitter experiences and stories to share on how one insurance company through its uninformed and deceptive officers lured them into buying policies they were never prepared for.

The bitter experiences of many of us shared with others have made many more people very reluctant when it comes to buying an insurance policy or buying an investment policy.

Buy Life Insurance Policy like you buy Fast Food on the streets of Accra and die poor. Avoid this,  Let us chat >>> We will help you discover the best Click to connect>>> INSURANCE THAT SECURES THE FUTURE

Have you ever asked yourself, how much exactly, I will be compensated if one of those you have insured passes on? What about how much your spouse and children will be compensated with in terms of the lump sum to be paid to them.

Can the amount paid you to replace the income you earn for the next three (3) years or up to ten years? The answer is no for millions of Ghanaians. This means you are only making money for the insurance company. If your insurance company cannot place a value of at least GHS250, 000.00 on your life and other beneficiaries you have registered in that insurance policy or policies you have, then drop that yam and get in touch.

If your insurance company does not give you financial education on how to earn more without paying more than your monthly premium, drop that insurance company and get in touch.

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You can only make the best decision in terms of choosing the right insurance policy if you acquire the needed financial literacy, that tells you the truth about how bad your insurer is, and how they are milking you for life.

If you don’t take the right decisions now, you will end up buying an insurance policy or product to cover your life and go home with nothing or peanuts in the future. Recently, someone very close to me lost both parents; her insurance company paid her no benefits. It takes an eye-opening personal financial freedom coach to be bold to make the right change over and it starts with you here.

Many Ghanaians will die poor due to bad insurance policies in Ghana and you are likely to be a victim if you have an insurance policy already. Check with us to know whether the policy you have is right for you or not. And your jaw will drop.

Many Ghanaians can insure their lives and the value placed on their lives by the insurance company will be worth not less than GHS200,000 today in Ghana by paying the same amount or just a little more for the same policy that values their lives to be not more than GHS20,000.00.

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You would agree with me that, your life is worth more than that yet that is what the insurance companies are paying us all and even less.

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Personal financial literacy, information, and being told the truth is all you need to be financially independent and confident. If you want to receive a personal call and one on one coaching for the way forward, get in touch CLICK THE BUTTON >>> INSURANCE THAT SECURES THE FUTURE

It is time to get all the financial literacy, support, Free Medical checks, Insurance Advice before you buy Life Insurance Policy. The journey begins here.


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