Court Dissolves Case Against Black Sheriff

Court Dissolves Case Against Black Sheriff

Earlier today, the an Accra high court dissolves case against Black Sheriff. On August, 2023 the Cruise people Ltd sued the Ghanaian hip hop sensational artist Black Sheriff over failure to adhere to terms and conditions of service, failing an agreement and leading to the cancellation of an event dubbed “Afro  Cruise Jam”.

The Cruise People claimed that Black Sherif should be held liable for the expenses they incurred as a result of this cancellation.

Black Sherif’s attorneys contended that the contract for his performance requires that any judicial procedures take place in the United Kingdom, hence the court lacked jurisdiction to decide the matter. In response, representatives of Cruise People Limited disputed this allegation, arguing that the matter was within the court’s jurisdiction because both parties are Ghanaians who conduct business there.

Judge Mariama Sammo presided over the court, which found in favor of the Konongo-born musician’s attorneys.

The judge found that none of the addresses provided by the entity carrying out the contract were in Ghana in her ruling on Thursday, November 16.

Due to this, the court was forced to dismiss the lawsuit against the Award-winning musician. The plaintiff requested to book Black Sherif for the voyage boat performance, a move which was properly heeded by the songster’s agents who be to be a leading transnational company representing artistes, athletes, and brands across the globe. Sources say an original deposit of$ 20,000 out of a$ 40,000 reserving figure was made by the plaintiff to the musician’s agency. still, the contract didn’t include a demand for promotional vids for a press launch ahead of the yet- to-be-held event. But in an intriguing twist, the businessman and organiser of the voyage pressed the agents demanding promotional vids from Black Sherif with pitfalls to cancel the contract, if the vids aren’t submitted which was a breach of the contract.

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Amidst these pitfalls of canceling the contract and suits, the songster’s agents chose to reimburse the original deposit in good faith, as the contract reportedly had no clause calling similar promotional vids. still, the source said the plaintiff claimed on being refunded$ 50,000 rather of the original$ 20,000 figure he parted with, a move which Black Sherif’s agents set up illegal and inconsistent. This led to farther pitfalls from the businessman and his posterior decision to report the case to the police, professing breach of contract and fraud.


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