Dos and Don’ts During SHS Admission

Dos and Don'ts During SHS Admission

The 2023 SHS Admission Process starts as soon as the placement results are released. Let’s take a look at the Dos and Don’ts during this process.


1. Meet the admission requirements

Take the time to familiarize yourself with the admission requirements of your chosen schools. Make sure you fulfill all the necessary criteria, including submitting the required documents, academic records, and application forms on time. The National SHS prospectus should be your guide at all times. You may be asked to go back home if you fail to submit any relevant document.

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2. Seek guidance from counselors or teachers

Reach out to your school counselors or teachers for guidance during the admission process. They can provide valuable insights, advice, and help with paperwork, recommendation letters, and other necessary documents.

3. Keep track of deadlines

Maintain a calendar or a checklist to keep track of deadlines, submission dates for required documents, and exam schedules. Missing deadlines can have a negative impact on your admission.


1. Never wear any kind of dress during the admission process. Make sure to dress decently. Most schools will ask you to go back home if fail to dress decently. Avoid wearing bathroom sandals or slippers. Avoid short trousers.

2. Procrastinate

Avoid leaving your SHS admission preparation until the last minute. Give yourself ample time to research, gather documents, and complete all necessary tasks. Procrastination can lead to unnecessary stress and can compromise the quality of your application.

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3. Submision of incomplete or incorrect information

Double-check all the information you provide on your application forms. Make sure it is accurate, complete, and free of errors. Providing incorrect or incomplete information can harm your application or delay in your admission..

4. Be dishonest

Never lie or falsify information during the admission process. Honesty and integrity are important qualities that schools look for in their prospective students. If discovered, dishonesty can lead to severe consequences, including being barred from admission.

By following these dos and don’ts, you can navigate the SHS admission process more effectively, maximize your chances of acceptance, and make informed decisions about your future education.

The following documents will be needed in various senior high schools for the admission process to be successful. Any student who fails to submit any of the following documents may be asked to go back home for them. They include;

  • Placement form
  • Enrollment form – This form must be filled completely. Details of the student must be filled correctly. Portion which entails the head teacher of the previous school(JHS) or a pastor to fill must also be filled before sending it to the SHS for admission. However, the name of the SHS/TVET head teacher must be left blank.
  • BECE results/certificate
  • Passport size picture. You can choose to attach this to the placement form.
  • Students must also know the digital address of their houses, hometown, place of birth, information about guardians or parents and students’ medical conditions.

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