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Dr. Yaw Osei Adutwum, our Education Minister is an over-hyped inconsistent talkative [Opinion]

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Dr. Yaw Osei Adutwum, our Education Minister is an over-hyped inconsistent talkative; teachers should lower their expectations to avoid heartbreak.
Our “Darling boy” with a calm demeanor and sweet talk is, unfortunately, a whole package of disappointment, inconsistencies.
It may be true that he taught both in and outside Ghana for 11years, headed and developed schools for twelve years, and acted in the position of deputy Education Minister for four years but If he continues on this tangent, he would end up being ranked the worst Education Minister Ghana has ever had.

Reasons why the writer believes the Education Minister is over-hyped

The write holds the view that the Education Minister is over-hyped …He writes
I’m just touching on the SBC and CCP Curriculum Implementation.
He claims he wants to build a robust Education system. Someone should help me tell him that he can’t do that by constantly running away from accountability for his stewardship? He keeps saying “I just took over, I’m now picking up from where my predecessor left off” when he knows he has no answer or when he knows the answer he will give will expose his inefficiency. Took over from who? Was he not the deputy Education Minister? Come on. Let’s get serious.
He has worked as a teacher beyond the shores of this country and has witnessed how serious countries implement their curriculums. But in his first term, he supervised the introduction of a curriculum without accompanying textbooks and other relevant materials. Two years on, we still haven’t started the procurement process. Is that how to create an education system that is second to none in the world? Not even West Africa oo. Such a dreamer.
Under his watch, they created a vacuum for hungry publishers to fill with toxic divisive textbooks. Instead of admitting the inefficiency, he found solace in blaming the publishing policy. That, I know he only came up with at the eve of the day he was called to appear before parliament to answer questions.
 I found it very troubling when he blatantly lied on live TV that “in other jurisdictions, Ghana and other countries, we have what is called Teachers Resource Package which has Lesson plans, activities and reading materials which are packed for teachers to use in the interim”. Total rubbish. No serious country does that.
If that was so, won’t teachers be aware? I’m waiting for the day he will come on TV to demonstrate how to use the resource pack to teach for us to follow.
JHS teachers. Take heart. I know you are breaking your backs to do your best for the kids. God will reward you financially.
MoE and GES are currently confused. They are too fixated on FSHS to the neglect of basic schools. If over 32% of the entire education budget is being spent on only 1.2 million SHS students to the detriment of 6 million basic school learners, you should by now know the kind of spirit we are dealing with.
As for the perpetual holiday double traffic and it’s an erratic academic calendar, I don’t even want to talk about it. Only God can save us. We can’t even run one successful semester without interjection. Sad.
Do you agree with the writer that the Education Minister is over-hyped?

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