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Politics, lack of planning et al, hindrance to effective implementation of Ghana’s education intervention programmes

Jerry Akporhor Ghana's education intervention programmes

Ghana seems to be a perfect example of countries with good education policies and programmes yet when it comes to their implementation, it turns out to be a bad venture. 


The state of Ghana’s education intervention programmes

Hon Jerry Akporhor, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) & Founder at Informed Teachers Network, Fellow at Educate Africa Institute and Teacher at Ghana Education Service (GES) shared the same sentiments. 

In a Facebook post, he had this to say.

“We have good Education intervention programs born out of researches meant to improve learning outcomes and Ghana Education as a whole

In his view, the biggest challenge confronting education policy success in Ghana is its implementation.

He added that Ghana is faced with the unfortunate situation of embracing policies funded by donors but once funds are secured, nothing much is achieved at the end of the implementation. 

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“We embrace the recommendations (usually it’s funded by external organizations) organize funfair to launch it, a large chunk of the funding goes into the funfair), start on a bad footing (nobody really cares about solving the problem) or even if we start on a good note, and then fail woefully to sustain or continue it (after we finish wasting the money or donor support stops coming).”

Bottlenecks that hinder the successful implementation of Ghana’s good education intervention programme are not alien to us.

He noted that our inability to plan as a nation, failure of successive governments to continue policies initiated by previous governments, contribute to the problem.

The failure of the nation to harness the full benefit of these education policies is compounded by the excessive politicization of educational policies rolled out. 

“The culture of improper planning, lack of continuity, excessive politicization of educational policies and intervention is the thorn in our flesh,” he stated.

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If Ghana’s learners and future leaders and their teachers are to enjoy the full benefits of these education policies and programmes sponsored by donors and if these donors are to get value for money for their investments in our education programmes, interventions and policies, our attitude, mindset and the spirit behind these education intervention programmes must have the interest of the nation at heart and nothing else.

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Hon Jerry Akporhor, concludes that “No serious country builds a robust Education system like that.” thus referring to how we have managed the education policies and programmes in the last 5 decades. The big question is, will political players ever change their way of doing things in the education sector and the nation in general.?

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