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Easy Ways To Pass The 2023 WASSCE Without Cheating

2023 WASSCE is just around the corner. All final year students in various senior high schools in Ghana are currently preparing towards the exams. During this period, some students try to find ways to cheat during the exams inorder to get the best grades. Well, this is a major offense.

Cheating in examination hall can lead to the cancellation of your entire results. Aside this, WAEC could ban you from writing WASSCE again for some specified period of years.

In today’s article, we will be looking at some easy ways you can pass the upcoming WASSCE without cheating.

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The correct way to choose your answer in the 2023 WASSCE objective test is as follows.

  1. Use a blank piece of paper to cover up the questions and gradually pull it down to reveal the question but not the answers. In the exams hall, you can use your wooden rule or hanky since foreign materials like a sheets of papers are not allowed.
  2. Read the question carefully and work out the answer without looking at the answers you are given, (i.e. work it out just as if it were an ordinary exam question). Then reveal the answers and choose the one that matches yours.
  3. If none of the answers matches then make a note of the question number and return to it later when a fresh approach may help you to come up with the right answer.
  4. Don’t dwell on a question in the WASSCE objective test section for too long. Time is limited and you could be picking up marks elsewhere rather than wasting time on a question that you can’t do.
  5. Having completed the paper, hopefully, with time to spare, go back and attempt the questions that you had trouble with. Your subconscious mind has had time to work on the problems and you may also find that other questions that you have done may have triggered your memory. Once again be careful not to get bogged down on a particular question. If you still have trouble then once again you should note down the question number.
  6. Do all your rough working on the question paper. This makes it easier to go back to a question and check your working if you need to. Clear notes will also make it easier to work out answers on problem questions when you return to them since your earlier mistake may be obvious. Untidy notes won’t help at all.
  7. If you think you have worked out the answer to a particular question but you are not 100% sure about it then make a note of the question number and return to it later.
  8. When you return to the question work out the answer again. If it is the same as you got last time then you can be reasonably sure that you have got it right.
  9. If you find yourself becoming stuck on a particular question then make a note of the question number and go back to it later. If you find a question easy then you are more likely to get it right so it makes sense to go through the paper and answer all the easy during the 2023 WASSCE. Once you’ve scored all the easy marks you can return to the more difficult questions.
  10. Always get to the end of the paper. Very often there will be 10 easy questions at the end. If you get bogged down in the middle and don’t have time to finish then you have thrown away easy marks. These easy questions are often put at the end of a multiple choice paper to test your exam technique. People with poor technique may not get this far and will throw away some easy marks. People with good technique work through all the easy questions first and then return to the more difficult questions.
  11. Don’t be fooled into thinking that just because you’ve got a lot of answers the same, (e.g. a lot of questions have the answer ‘C’), that you’ve got some of them wrong. Never let your choice for a particular answer be influenced by your other answers. Anyone who thinks that an answer to a question can’t be ‘C’ simply because the previous four questions have had the answer ‘C’ is only fooling themselves and will lose valuable marks.
  12. In mathematical and scientific multiple choice exams watch out for the units. Very often you will find that you’ve got an answer in metres and the answer is given in centimetres. (e.g. You’ve worked out an answer to be 1m and the answers given include 1cm and 100cm. Obviously 100cm matches your answer but you would be amazed at the number of people who answer 1cm simply because they fail to look at the units). Remember, the answers are designed to mislead you so watch out for the examiners little tricks.
  13. Understand the instructions Understand the different question styles. Understand the marking procedure
  14. Use a soft pencil on the answer sheet
  15. Make sure question and answer numbers correspond to each other
  16. Cover the answers up until you have worked out your answer
  17. Finally you will be left with a list of the questions which you really can’t do so the time has come to start guessing.
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  1. Read the instructions carefully
  2. Answer the easy questions first
  3. Explain each point clearly, especially with reading subjects like Social Studies, Business Management, Government, etc.
  4. Answer each question on a fresh page.
  5. Do not cancel a mistake twice.
  6. When another candidate asks you a question, never mind him or her. In worst case, alert the invigilator.

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