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GES 2017-2019 trained teachers postings audit scheduled for June

Taxed Professional Development Allowance trained teachers postings audit

Africa Education Watch (EduWatch) an Education Think Tank, has indicated it will in June this year audit GES 2017-2019 trained teachers postings for transparency and accountability.

This was announced via a social media publication of EduWatch. According to the Executive Director, Mr. Kofi Asare of the NGO, said they are aware that out of all the CoE’s 2017 to 2019 graduates posted across the country, only 2.5%  out of the 16,000 teachers were posted to Greater Accra whiles nearly 50% were posted to the five (5) regions in the northern part of Ghana. 

“We (Africa Education Watch) is aware that only 2.5% of the newly recruited 16,000 teachers were posted to Accra and close to 50% to the five Northern Regions with the highest Pupil Trained Teacher Ratio,” Mr. Kofi Asare stated.

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An open letter from Africa Education Watch to the Director-General of the GES indicated there were some political dealings and efforts to change postings of some teachers from the North to the South.  

 “We are aware of the ongoing skirmishes (some political) by many newly posted teachers to change postings from the North to the South.” the letter stated.

The Education Think Tank has therefore called on Prof Kwasi Opoku-Amankwa, who is the Director-General of the Education Service, to be transparent when posting newly trained teachers’ and that the group [Africa Education Watch (EduWatch)] will audit them.

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They further added that, when they complete the GES 2017-2019 trained teachers postings audit, they will publish their findings without any hesitation should they detect any re-posting. 

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