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GES Advises for SHS1 Students over Prospectus Items

Cautions for SHS1 students over prospectus items

As the CSSPS portal has been opened, the Ghana Education Service (GES) advise 2023 BECE graduates to be enrolled in various Senior High Schools as first-year students to emboss or embed their names on their prospectus items, particularly their personal ones.

The management of the Ghana Education Service (GES) advisory comes after it released the final national prospectus for boarding and day students to report to school on December 4, 2023, to commence academic activities.

Day students prospectus

1. National ID card (Ghana card if any)
2. Two passport-size pictures
3. Photocopy of birth certificate / baptismal certificate if required by the school

Personal items

1. 1 Mathematical Set & Scientific Calculator
2. Decent sandals (school’s specification) – No embellishment
3. Decent Sneakers (black or white)
4. 1 school bag

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Boarding students prospectus

1. Hard Body Suitcase or Trunk

2. Chop Box (Wooden/Plastic)

3. Drinking Cup, 1 Plastic or Stainless Plate and a Set of Cutlery

4. Toiletries (1 deodorant, 1 pack T-roll, toothpaste, toothbrush, soap, pomade, and 2 packs of sanitary pads for girls)

5. Decent Sandals (school’s specification) – No embellishment

6. A Pair of Leather Slippers (school’s specification)

7. Decent Sneakers (black or white)

8. Pair of Socks (school’s specification)

9. Pyjamas/sleep wear

10. Underwear (5 pants and 3 vests for girls, 3 boxer shorts or pants & 3 Singlets for boys)

11. Plastic Bucket with Cover and Pail

12. RSV/NIV Bible/Quran and Hymn Book for Christians (School Specified)

13. Pillow covered with Mackintosh

14. 2 Students’ bedsheets with 2 pillowcases – Plain white

15. 1 Blanket & Sleeping cloth


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16 A Pair of Khaki Trouser

17. A Pair of White Trousers (or school-specific colour)

18. White dress for ladies

19. 2 White Shirts (1 short sleeve and 1 long sleeve)

20. Student’s Size Mosquito Net

21. 1 School Bag

22. 1 Mathematical Set & Scientific Calculator

23. Standard Graph Book

24. 2 Check Dress (colour is school-based) Ghana Education Service (GES)

25. Student Mattress (where not available in the school)

26. Black Shoe

27. Black Belt

28. 1 Hoe/Cutlass

Cleaning Materials

Group 1

1. A pair of hand gloves (hard)
2. Liquid Soap (5 litres)
3. 1Kg Washing Powdered Soap

Group 2

1. 1 Bleach (small size)
2. 1 Dust Pan
3. 1 Long Handle Broom
4. 1 Scrubbing brush

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Group 3

1. 1 Standing Mop and Mop Bucket
2. 1 Duster
3. 1 Short Local Broom

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