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GES PROMOTIONS: How and Where To Get Genuine Answers and Support

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One major concern of the Ghanaian teacher is promotion related matters. Promotion comes with its own attended challenges as to what to do and where to get help from colleagues. 

Teachers, believing in teamwork and self-help projects and support, are converging on one big platform to help each other find solutions to challenges they face with regards to their Teacher Promotion status.

Whether you are due for GES promotion now or later demands that you take proactive steps to join other teachers across the country to keep yourself updated.

Are you looking forward to promotion to PS, AD II, AD I, or DD?

Join this group GES PROMOTIONS on telegram. You can ask questions in relation to GES promotions on the platform. There is time for discussions too, usually at 9 pm prompt.

How do I join the Teacher Promotion group? Join on Telegram via the link >>> JOIN NOW

GES PROMOTIONS: What should I do to join the group if I am not on telegram?

If you’re not on telegram, then kindly download the telegram app from the Google Play Store or App Store. Install it, register on it and kindly come back to click on the link below to join.

What are the top benefits of joining the group for GES Promotion matters?

1. Updates on GES promotions from lower rank to the highest

2. Discussions of promotion questions and lectures on the platform for the various ranks.

3. Quality promotion books and other materials at a cost or a fee

4. Help teachers to solve issues on upgrading, promotion, salary grade points, change of management unit, change of bank, etc at the controller

5. Address pertinent questions on promotion and on GES or education in general over in Ghana considering current affairs in education.

Make a choice – JOIN NOW


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