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GES Regional Transfer For Teachers Procedure – 5 Simple Steps

GES 2023 inter/intra district & inter-regional repostings 2nd term basic schools reopening date GES Regional Transfer For Teachers Procedure

The Inter Regional Transfer for teachers is the transferring of teachers from one region to the other and several reasons may account for this In this article we share the steps and documentation that needs to be carried out.

GES Regional Transfer For Teachers Procedure

1. A teacher seeking Inter Regional Transfer will have to Secure Assurance.

2. The next step is to use the assurance letter obtained to apply for reposting at the District Education Office of the Ghana Education Office.

3. If the District is able to process the request, it will issue the applicant with a reposting cover letter. The letter is then forwarded to Region for approval. Once this is done, the applicant’s full set of documents are sent to DG.

4. The next letter to be issued to validate the request for Inter Regional Transfer is the DG’s approval letter which once issued is sent to the Region.

5. Upon receipt of the letter from the DG at the regional level, the Region will then issue release.

Take note that per the procedures for re-posting of teachers, can only be released if the Region and District are informed and the Director-General has approved the application.



The process does not require the teacher to make any financial commitments to GES or any officer. We hope this publication on GES Regional Transfer For Teachers was informative.

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