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Ghana’s Second Wave of COVID-19: Likely Lockdown and Our Indiscipline

Ghana's Second Wave of COVID-19

We may refuse to call Ghana’s covid-19 situation a second wave, but that is the possible reality. Our cases are rising very fast and the government has hinted of a possible lockdown.

As a nation, we are doing our best to avoid a lockdown, but we may be seeing signs of Ghana’s Second Wave of COVID-19

At the heart of the fast-rising covid-19 cases which stand at 3613 is our total indiscipline and disregard for the covid-19 protocols as a nation. 

All of a sudden, the politicians are screaming about sanctions when they failed to do the right things. Hon Carlos Ahenkorah is the first name that comes to mind. Our political activities prior to the 2020 general election were characterized by several politicians and their followers not observing the protocols, yet nothing was done about it. 

Ghana’s Second Wave of COVID-19 is yet to be officially confirmed, but a careful look at what is happening makes one feel we are at the early stages of it. The President of Ghana minced no words when he indicated in his 22nd address that students should not give him reasons to close down schools.

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The rise in cases, Ghana’s Second Wave of COVID-19, and our attitudes

In as much as schools, parents, and teachers are doing their best, we all need to observe very well how our learners, workers, and ourselves are being good and law-abiding citizens.

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Schools have reopened but just observe students going to school on our streets and you will notice a high level of indiscipline. Most of them do not put on their nose masks until they get to school however they often join public transport.

Board a trotro and you will notice the total disregard for covid-19 protocols. Driver and mate have no nose mask, passengers do not have either, and some playing it smart bypassing their heads through the car window to avoid breathing in the air circulating in the trotro.

It is even worse when schools close. Pupils and students take off their masks and walk home unprotected.

Again, parents and guardians escort their wards to school. Whiles the child is in a nose mask, the mother or father is not in one but ends up at the school premises ” But I am leaving right now” they say. 

Food vendors serve customers nearly with their heads pointed toward the pots from which they serve and dish out food for their customers yet they often do not have a nose mask on. 

Enter some offices and people are complaining about the excessive washing of hands and the continuous use of mask within the workplace. 

The new slogan of people today regarding the wearing of the nose mask is “I feel heat around my mouth”…so I removed it.

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We have to be serious as a people and take the observation of safety protocols seriously. Ghana’s covid-19 cases are alarming. Our partial lockdown was a challenge for many who could not feed themselves. 


Responding to the Second Wave of COVID-19 in Africa

The Africa Centre for Disease has outlined strategies for African countries to use in responding to the second wave of Covid-19. It called on member states to re-evaluate, re-strategize, and re-invigorate their COVID-19 response activities to handle an inevitable second and potentially third wave of cases back in 2020.

Countries in Africa re to remain vigilant and adapt or adopt best practices, strategies, guidelines and recommendations proposed by the Africa CDC and World Health Organization (WHO), aimed at limiting transmission.


Download Second Wave Responses Strategies here

COVID-19 Vaccines and the raging battle against the virus

Health experts have made it clear that the wearing of a nose mask is one of the surest ways to be protected. Sadly, there are many who still believe COVID-19 does not exist. 

Whiles the world banks its hope on Covid-19 vaccines as the surest way to cage the virus, there are many more in Africa and other parts of the world that have reservations about them. 

The Director-General of the World Health Organization, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus has indicated with confidence that “Vaccines are giving us hope, which is why every life we lose now is even more tragic. We must take heart, take hope and take action.”

Senior Reuters reporter in Geneva mainly covering the U.N., including crises, health, and human rights, Stephanie Nebehay in a Tweet disclosed that WHO experts have advised that that the COVID-19 vaccine should not be used on pregnant women unless they are health workers exposed to the virus or have medical conditions putting them at high risk.

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On Tuesday 26th January the World Health Organization (WHO) panel of experts directed how the COVID-19 vaccine should be administered. According to the experts, the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine should be given in two doses.

The doses should be at an interval of 28 days however, this could also be extended for exceptional cases up to 42 days. 

As a country, we need to sit up and do the simple things. Let us mask up, COVID-19 is not funny. It is real. Mask up now and keep safe. It may be uncomfortable but remember that “Pepper is hot, but the worm is in it” and it is better to eat pepper and be happy than to eat honey and be sad. 

COVID-19 is here, mask up, take action, be focused. Your weapon is the mask, look sharp.



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