Global Teacher Prize 2023 Top 10 Finalists Mariette Wheeler From South Africa

Global Teacher Prize 2023 Top 10 Finalists Mariette Wheeler From South Africa

Mariette Wheeler From South Africa IS One Of The Proud Global Teacher Prize 2023 Top 10 Finalists. We Share With You Her Work and More In This Inspiring Story ahead of the announcement of the winner of the award which is slated for November 8th, 2023.


Global Teacher Prize 2023 Top 10 Finalists Mariette Wheeler From South Africa


Mariette began her work as a biological scientist, but her profession has allowed her to combine her two main passions: biological research and teaching.

She spent two years (2004/05 and 2013/14) as part of a small team on isolated, sub-Antarctic Marion Island as part of her biological studies, during which she earned her PhD in Zoology.

Even while conducting scientific study, she found herself increasingly instructing and training younger students.

In 2010. Mariette was asked to be a judge at the Eskom Expo for Young Scientists, where she was able to discuss research expertise.

She was named one of the Mail & Guardian’s 200 Young South Africans in 2012.

Mariette’s PhD promoter pushed her to become a teacher after her second term on Marion Island, in order to share her personal experience in scientific research.

Mariette earned her Postgraduate Certificate in Education in 2015, after completing practical training at South Peninsula High School and Bishops Diocesan College.

In 2016, she began full-time teaching at Protea Heights Academy (PHA), where she teaches Natural Sciences and Life Sciences.

In addition to teaching, she organises opportunities for students through the Bazinga Science Club and arranged PHA’s first school fair for science projects. A year teaching at Sterkspruit Christian Private School in the Eastern Cape’s rural village of Sterkspruit in 2018 gave her insight into the issues that learners in rural regions experience, such as limited access to resources (such as books, study materials, and the Internet). Despite the limitations of this remote town, all students completed the year, and some have gone on to receive degrees in Biomedical Sciences and pursue postgraduate studies.

Mariette’s teaching style emphasises simplifying content as much as possible, which she does in a variety of methods. Learners explain their work to one another in small peer groups, participate in class debates, charades-style class challenges, and use the Quizziz app to understand challenging scientific words.

As a result, all of her Grade 12 Life Sciences students passed the course and advanced to their final year. Mariette’s mentored teachers are also being recognised for their outstanding results, such as Michelle Crowie, who was named Best International Educator in her region for her work in China.

Mariette was chosen the Department of Basic Education’s E3 National Best Teacher in 2021, and she represented South Africa at the virtual UNESCO regional World Teacher’s Day event. Outside of the classroom, she produces monthly record broadcasts about marine life for a local radio station, which is heard by around 400,000 people.

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If Mariette is awarded the Global Teacher Prize, she plans to use the funds to (a) establish a medical centre focusing on teenagers, particularly girls, to provide sanitary products and other support, (b) expand her church’s efforts in sustainable community building, (c) support rural communities by establishing a mobile science equipment unit that can travel between schools, and (d) establish a dedicated marine sciences venue with scientific equipment and camping-style accommodations.

Good luck to all the Global Teacher Prize 2023 Top 10 Finalists Including Mariette Wheeler From South Africa

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