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Gold Track SHS2 Students Reopen Today

Gold Track SHS2 Reopen 10th March 

Barring any last-minute press release by the Ghana Education Service, the Gold Track SHS2 students reopen school today, 10th March 2021 for academic work. 

When are Gold Track SHS students reporting to school?

Gold Track SHS2 to reopen school today, 10th March 2021. This will mark their return to school to begin the first semester of the 2020/2021 academic year.

Are Gold Track SHS2 reopening on 18th Match, 2021?

Per the information available to this portal, the answer is no.  The year two (2) Gold Track Secondary School students were expected to return to school with the 4th batch of SHS1 students.
However, due to the new date announced for first-year students, only SHS2 students are to report to school for the academic year on 10th March 2021.
The Gold Track SHS2 students are expected to assume senior roles because of the scrapping of the track system for all public second-cycle schools and the absence of SHS3 students when they return to school.
The successful construction and provision of additional infrastructure in schools helped to abolish the track system for first-year students.
In all about 450,000 basic schools, graduates will return to school for their secondary education as SHS1 students later in the month.

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When are SHS1 students reopening school?

From 18th to 21st March 2020, all students admitted to SHS1 after expected in school.
Their successful enrollment into their respective schools will usher in academic work for SHS1 students from 22nd March.

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