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Here Are The Reasons Why Madrid Defeated Union Berlin; Statistics.

Why Real Madrid Defeated Union Berlin.

Real Madrid Defeated Union Berlin In A Late Goal.

Real Madrid is one of the biggest clubs in the World.  When we are talking about UEFA Champions League, Real Madrid holds the highest records when it comes to trophies.  Real Madrid defeated Union Berlin and we are here to share with you some statistics that made it possible for the white Angles (Real Madrid) to have a win in their opener against Union Berlin.

The 2023/2024 Edition of the UEFA Champions League began on the 19th of September 2023. Some of the biggest teams in the League and Spain were able to secure their first three (3) points in their opening game in the 2023/2024 UEFA Champions League competition.  Notable among these big clubs include Manchester City on the side of the English Premier League and Barcelona on the side of the Spanish League.

Real Madrid had a tough tight with Union Berlin.  The game ended goalless in the first forty-five minutes of the Game.  As if all hope was lost; Jude Bellingham pulled up a surprise by scoring the only goal in the tough tight against Union Berlin.

Here are some tactical reasons for the win on the side of Real Madrid.

The Perfect Substitution On The Side Of Madrid. 

Into the second half of the game, a great and timely substitution on the side of Real Madrid was witnessed.  It is without doubt that this necessitated their victory over Union Berlin. The coming in of Toni Kross, Valverde, and Ibrahim changed the game at the center of the field.  Madrid began to possess your than Union Berlin.

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The Consistent Shoot From Valverde. 

A lover of football will know the style of play when Valverde is concerned. Whenever other players are trying to dribble into the 19-yard box, Valverde always strikes from behind the 18-yard box. The style of play on the part of Valverde has saved Real Madrid on several occasions and the game against Union Berlin is not an exception. The goal came as a result of the strike from Valverde from the 18-yard box. It was a superb play.

Why Real Madrid Defeated Union Berlin.

Lastly, the consistency of Jude Bellingham right from the Spanish League to the UEFA Champions League. His winning goal was indeed stunning.

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