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How To Win Bet Everyday – Prophet Ajagurajah Drops Revelation

How To Win Bet Everyday - Prophet Ajagurajah Drops Revelation

Prophet Kwabena Asiamah. Aka Ajagurajah

The founder and leader of Universal Spiritual Outreach, Prophet Kwabena Asiamah, popularly known as Ajagurajah has revealed how Ghanaian youths could win bet everyday.

In an interview on the Rush Hour show, Prophet Ajagurajah revealed that whoever wants to win bet everyday must be ready to sacrifice 5% of his income from his or her last winnings. He explained that the gambling or betting is in the hands of a demon known as Assimodis. He added that this demon only demands 5% of your last winnings in order to help you win always.

According to Ajagurajah, the 5% of your last winnings should be thrown away at at four-junction your could see in your area. He added that, ehen throwing this amount of money away, the person must make sure he or she wears white shorts and singlet only.

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“Whoever want to win bet, This is for you. Whenever you win any bet, take out 5% of your winnings and dump it on any four junction you see. Make sure the 5% is all coins. When going, make sure you wear a white short and singlet and go back home after throwing such amount of money on the floor”

“Also if you win bet and donates part of your winnings to people, it will be hard that you wouldn’t win again. The demon in charge of betting is called Asimodis, he is in charge of gambling” he said in Twi.

He also added that praying to God to help you win bet is a f00lish act. This is because, God does not help people to win bet.

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“If you go to church to tell God to help you win bet, the you don’t have sense,” He said in Twi.

He added that no matter the income you generate from betting, you can never use it to do anything beneficial for yourself or family.

“You can never use bet money to do anything. I am telling you. Money from betting is for show.

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