Ho Technical University Academic Programmes – Full List

Let’s take a look at the list of all academic programmes offered at the Hospital Technical University. They offer several programmes ranging from HND, Degree, Masters and Non-Tertiary Programmes.


  1. HND Mechanical Engineering (Automobile)
  2. HND Mechanical Engineering (Production)
  3. HND Civil Engineering
  4. HND Electrical and Electronic Engineering
  5. HND Agricultural Engineering
  6. HND Building Technology
  7. HND Food Technology
  8. HND Hotel, Catering and Institutional Management (Regular & Weekend Sessions)
  9. HND Statistics
  10. HND Agro Enterprise Development
  11. HND Computer Science
  12. HND Information and Communication Technology (Regular & Weekend Sessions)
  13. HND Fashion Design and Textiles (Regular & Weekend Sessions)
  14. HND Industrial Art (Specializations: Sculpture, Painting, Graphic Design, Ceramics, Textiles)
  15. HND Accountancy (Regular & Weekend Sessions)
  16. HND Marketing (Regular & Weekend Sessions)
  17. HND Secretaryship and Management Studies (Regular & Weekend Sessions)
  18. HND Banking and Finance (Regular & Weekend Sessions)
  19. HND Purchasing and Supply (Regular & Weekend Sessions)

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  1. Bachelor of Technology, Hospitality Management
  2. Bachelor of Technology, Hospitality and Tourism Management (Top-up option)
  3. Bachelor of Technology, Food Technology
  4. Bachelor of Technology, Tourism, Leisure and Events Management
  5. Bachelor of Technology, Information and Communication Technology
  6. Bachelor of Technology, Agro Enterprise Development
  7. Bachelor of Technology, Statistics and Finance
  8. Bachelor of Technology, Computer Science
  9. Bachelor of Technology, Electrical and Electronic Engineering
  10. Bachelor of Technology, Automobile Engineering
  11. Bachelor of Technology, Civil Engineering
  12. Bachelor of Technology, Agricultural and Environmental Engineering
  13. Bachelor of Technology, Design and Manufacturing Engineering
  14. Bachelor of Technology, Building Technology
  15. Bachelor of Technology, Architectural Technology
  16. Bachelor of Technology, Environmental Science
  17. Bachelor of Technology, Facilities Management
  18. Bachelor of Technology, Fashion Design and Textiles
  19. Bachelor of Technology, Industrial Art (Specializations: Sculpture, Painting, Graphic Design, Ceramics, Textiles)
  20. Bachelor of Secretaryship and Management Studies
  21. Bachelor of Accounting and Taxation (Top-up option)
  22. Bachelor of Marketing and Information Technology(Top-up option)
  23. Bachelor of Procurement and Supply Chain Management(Top-up option)


  1. MTech Agricultural Engineering
    (options in Farm Machinery and Power Engineering, Post-harvest and Food Security Engineering, and Soil and Water Engineering)
  2. MTech Production Engineering
  3. MTech Automobile Engineering
  4. MTech Refrigeration and Air Conditioning

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  1. Advanced Fashion
  2. Construction Technician Certificate Part I (CTC I)
  3. Construction Technician Certificate Part II (CTC II)
  4. Certificate II in Catering
  5. Diploma In Business Studies (Accounting, Secretarial, Marketing, and Management Options)
  6. NP I & 2 Cosmetology
  7. Pre-HND Access Course for Technical/Vocational School Graduates

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