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How to take your Personal Security Seriously – Are you safe?

Personal Security

Personal security cannot be compromised in any way. It requires a conscious effort to ensure you are alert and aware of what goes on around you. Read these captivating security tips by our security expert Ken Mesa.

He writes…


What is personal safety?

Personal safety in simpler terms could be defined as one’s aptitude and resolution to be alert, securing oneself and others from threat or panic of psychological, emotional, or physical injury that may arise in everyday life.

Why is personal safety important?

In life, there are tons of situations such as encountering a shootout, falling building, arm robbery attacks (at home or on the way), riotous mob, accidents, fire outbreaks, sudden attacks from unknown assailants etc…, that pose personal safety risks, and they are often stressful. Even though most of these unpleasant situations could be avoided using risk reduction approaches no one is totally invulnerable to becoming a victim. This said, making personal safety one’s daily habit would not only improve one’s general welfare and health but also help in avoiding sickness, accident and reducing stress.

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How to develop security consciousness? (at home, office, in town, etc…)

1. Reducing or eliminating opportunities that may make you a target.
2. Increasing awareness in places you’re most comfortable.
3. Trusting your instincts regardless of feeling embarrassed.
4. Preparing your schedule daily with safety in mind.
5. Being alert to potential danger.
6. Being vigilant and prepared for anything.
7. Reporting suspicious activity.
8. Avoiding anything that does not feel safe.
9. Being aware of all your surroundings.
10. Anticipate possible problems and be somehow ready
11. Being vigilant at all time
12. Always have a plan B when going out and stick to it

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5 steps to mindfulness in dangerous situations:

1. Do not panic
2. Get relaxed and focused
3. Take a few deep breaths
4. Be fully present or aware of the present moment in which you are
5. Look around to notice the people surrounding you for possible suspicious acts


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