How to block E-Loan Messages: Block Loan Agents Unwanted Messages

How to block E-Loan Messages Block Loan Agents Unwanted Messages

If you are thinking of how to block loan agents’ unwanted messages in Ghana, then you are not alone. These text messages have become a nuisance.

Public sector workers have become the target, and teachers are the most sought after. How to block loan agents unwanted messages has become the most important question for those who are bombarded with “come for a loan”, “Loan for government workers” among others are sent via bulk text messaging to potential clients.

Where do loan agents get your numbers?

Many public and private workers receive these unwelcomed and unwanted loan messages and wonder if the telcos gave the number out.

Not always, even if they do. Most of these loan agents get your number from WhatsApp groups they join. If you have any of such loan marketing agents in your circles, chances are that he or she has mined your number already.

How do people mine or copy numbers on WhatsApp?

Loan agents have access to all phone numbers in a group they join, even if they exit. After joining WhatsApp groups, they use the desktop version of WhatsApp.

They open the group to chat.

Place the cursor on top of the group where the numbers of members are showing

Right-click and select “Inspect”

Highlight and copy all the numbers in one click into their bulk text messaging platforms. Below is an example with some numbers hidden for privacy reasons. There are over 250 numbers in the group.

How to block E-Loan Messages Block Loan Agents Unwanted Messages

Soon you start receiving messages from them.

How to remove E-Loan posters on WhatsApp forever

For those who share such messages in Whatsapp groups, the best you can do is to remove the person. The group agrees to report the number to WhatsApp. Group members individually send a message to the number privately, then proceed to report and block the number. Once ten or more members do this, WhatsApp is likely to remove that number from WhatsApp easily.


How to Block E-Loan Text Messages The MTN APPROACH with Audio 

Block E-Loan Text Messages The MTN way >>>Steps plus Audio




How do you stop the irritating E-loan messages?

There are two ways to stop them, the automatic and the manual method can be used.

The automatic method

  1. Draft a simple text message for example, BLOCK E-loan messages from XXXXXXXXXX, not interest or STOP sending E-Loan messages coming from XXXXXXXXXX now. The XXXXXXXXXX represents the phone number that keeps sending the text message.
  2. Send the message to 1309
  3. The messages coming from the number would be blocked.

In case, a number say 0225012450 sends you messages you don’t want, just send Block 0225012450 to the shot code 1309.


Notorious senders of E-Loan text messages are Izew, Dalex…., FastLoans, etc. To stop each of them, you have to send a separate message directed towards every one of them.

For example

To block Dalex…. send: Block Dalex…. to 1309

To block Izew….send: Block Izew…. to 1309

To block FastLoans….send: Block Izew…. to 1309

Note that, after the name of the company, there are four dots. The four dots are part of the message you are sending to the shortcode. The message again for Izew is Block Izew…. 


The Manual Method for blocking E-Loan Messages

This is how to block E-Loan Messages

Apart from this method, you can also go to the last message you received from the E-Loan numbers pestering your life and follow the steps below.

#1 Go to the messaging app of your phone where your text messages are.

#2 Click on the number you want to block from your text message section.

#3 Once you do this, you should see an interface like the one in the image below.

How to block E-Loan Messages Block Loan Agents Unwanted Messages

#4 Click on the three dots on the right as shown by the red arrow

#5 From the options that pop up, click on “Details”

How to block E-Loan Messages Block Loan Agents Unwanted Messages

#6 Click Block & Report Spam

#7 Add additional numbers of them by clicking on “Add people” on the same page or Block & Report Spam

#8 Watch out for the message in the image below and click “OK”


With this, you will successfully block the number from sending you messages.




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