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Humbling & Inspiring Story of Wode Maya, Africa’s Most Influential YouTuber

Humbling & Inspiring Story of Wode Maya, Africa’s Most Influential YouTuber

Wode Maya, Africa’s Most Influential YouTuber

Enjoy this amazing journey as we express the Humbling and Inspiring Story of Wode Maya, Africa’s most influential YouTuber with genuine words and sentences that make you feel natural.
Life never tells you what your future will be but if you believe in a simple dream, work at it, fall and rise, nature will beam an endless smile that will polish your work success.
This is what is it each time I watch a video by Wode Maya, Africa’s most influential YouTuber. My eyes are always filled with tears with every story he tells on his channel.

But Who Is This Simple Wode Maya Guy?

Wode Maya is Africa’s most influential YouTuber, chattering an enviable and important mission to change the negative narrative of Africa.

He was born and identified as Kobina Ackon, but his brand name Wode Maya resonated with everyone for his great storytelling skills and engaging videos on YouTube.

He is a Ghanaian freelance Vlogger and YouTuber. Can you imagine a graduate of Aeronautical Engineering becoming a YouTuber and diverting into issues that sell Africa to the world? That is the energy level he brings to the table as an important young Africa who has stepped out to let the best be seen and heard about Africa.

He obtained his Aeronautical Engineering degree from Shenyang Aerospace University, China.

YouTube has been a blessing for Africans and the diaspora through his works. Wode Maya’s gifted ability to create compelling and engaging stories and videos on just any positive African story has made him a household name in Africa and a benchmark for anyone into Vlogging or just starting a YouTube channel or struggling with one.

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Within a few years after tapping into the power of YouTube, Wode Maya has emerged from the humble ashes into the limelight as a master of Social Media Content creation.

Statistics from the YouTube Channel of Wode Maya show some enviable records. He has over 1.2M Subscribers and over 1000 uploaded videos. In fact, I describe his channel as Wodemayasity. 

What is Wodemayasity?

A YouTube Channel where you can watch and learn about positive African stories that inspire and change your perception of the African people, and the continent. The Channel’s videos cover nearly any key topic you would want to see on a YouTube Channel that is truly African and good for the Africans in the Diaspora. Wodemayasity is my description of his works which to be is a whole university for Africa hence the term Wodemayasity.

What is Wode Maya’s own description of the YouTube Channel?

Per the description of the challenge, he wrote

“Wodemaya is a Freelance Ghanaian Vlogger on a mission to change the negative narrative of Africa by promoting all 55 African countries on the continent by showcasing their culture, lifestyles and sharing myriads of success stories to keep you inspired. It’s time for AFRICA TO THE WORLD! Be part of my YouTube family by subscribing! Pamoja Milele (together as one).”

The positive energy he radiates allows him to collaborate with other top YouTubers from Africa and also helped small content creators & Entrepreneurs gain massive exposure.

This is the African Spirit that drives success for Wode Maya.

Through his content creation activities on YouTube, he has opened up a whole new discussion on

a. Diverse issues in Africa that are thought-provoking.

b. His videos have been highly inspirational

c. He has undertaken goosebumps, producing videos that have given Africa and the world amazing and compelling stories that centre on Africa.

d. His videos continue to leverage support for Africa’s development of the Africa Agenda.

e.  His ability to have access to and interview the great and small, the mighty and revered on the continent (Diplomats, Entrepreneurs, and Cultural icons) has given his followers nothing but rare inside stories that touch the souls of the people and the land of Africa.

Latest video from WODE MAYA – Emotional

What project is Wode Maya is currently working on?

His YouTube Channel feature image reads Africa to the World, Changing the African Narrative. This rings a bell not only in the minds of those who are hungry for Africa to succeed but also births hope in the hearts of those engulfed by the African spirit and want Africa to be in the limelight for good reasons. His Africa to the World Project is the name of the big thing that will define Africa in the right manner to the world.

“Africa to the World is a project broadcasting on all Wode Maya Social Media Channels. It brings to viewers in Africa, the African diaspora, and people who have an interest in Africa Insights on Africa not shown on mainstream media.”

Watch this Humbling & Inspiring Story of Wode Maya, Africa’s Most Influential YouTuber

“His goal is to change the negative perception and project Africa in a positive light, doing it one country at a time, with the hope to inspire people to travel in/to Africa, invest in Africa, and call Africa a place to be.”

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As a leadership person seeking to see Africa deal with her current self-imposed challenges emanating from wrong leadership and leadership choices of the past 100 years, I see nothing but the missing leadership African need to challenge the status quo being projected through the thoughts, plans, videos, and projects of Wode Maya.




Keep going, Wode Maya. Trust me, you have not started yet because Africa is supporting you.  Every project and idea you envisage with leadership, dexterity, never giving up, Positive Energy, and africanacity will be lifted into the realms of success no matter the setbacks and obstacles. Enjoy the challenges, and celebrate the success as we all come to study in your university Wodemayasity which is always teaching and inspiring Africa and the world to see Africa differently.

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Go to WODEMAYA to see more of his videos. Do well to visit his amazing website

The Humbling & Inspiring Story of Wode Maya, Africa’s Most Influential YouTuber Has Just Begun…


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