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Improper parenting is the cause of teenage pregnancy

teenage pregnancy

Teenage pregnancy among teenagers in Ghana continues to rise, making the fight against early birth and pregnancy among young girls a daunting challenge.

Quality sexual health education (SHE) provides students with the knowledge and skills to help them be healthy and avoid human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), sexually transmitted diseases (STD), and unintended pregnancy.

It also teaches adolescents to abstain from engaging in any sexual misconduct in the stages of adolescence.

As part of efforts at teaching our children to stay away from doing so, Madam Rose Gyasi a Public Health Nurse at the Jaman North District has made it clear that nowadays poor parenting has washed out the proper definition of adolescent reproductive health, all because they don’t give their wards teachings on adolescent reproductive health.

Madam Gyasi furthered that, as parents are not paying much attention to their adolescent girls nowadays that’s why there are numerous teenage pregnancies in our societies.

She stated that parents should take the mantle upon themselves and educate their children, especially the adolescent ones, on the consequences of engaging in early sexual misconduct and the outcome of it to deter them from doing so.

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“When a teenager reaches his or her adolescent, they always look too experimental and always curious to engage in sexual activities that’s where they need to be paid much attention to by their parents for them to know how adolescent means to them” she added.

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Mad. Rose urges parents to be proactive and sensitive in bringing up their children for them not to fall a victim to the aforementioned in other to curb teenage pregnancies in our societies.

She said this on a program schedule on ‘”You and Your Health” held in the District.

It will take a dedicated effort from parents to help deal with teenage pregnancy and reduce its occurrence.


Source: Yesu Suani Kwabena Mathew (0555395925).

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