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In-Service Teachers Upgrading Woes: Past Cruelties, Future Deceptions

In-Service Teachers Upgrading Woes

The In-Service Teachers upgrading woes are like well orchestrated cyclical schemes as they have become repetitive and sophisticated.

A teacher must be well-informed and up to speed with the ever-changing trends in the education sector. To achieve this, teachers must endeavor to upgrade their knowledge.

It is therefore not erroneous for the Ghanaian teacher to their knowledge base for personal and professional development.

The unfair treatment being meted out to over 10,000 in-service teachers who have completed various degrees in education programs in the various Universities is very disappointing.

Some of these teachers received their upgrading letters in 2016. From that period to date, these teachers have done everything possible to have their upgrading affected but to no avail.

With a new government taking over the helm of affairs after the 2016 general elections, in the face of In-Service Teachers upgrading woes of the past, most in-service teachers were optimistic that the narrative will change under the new government. Years on, that conviction would turn out to be a mirage.

These affected teachers have been to their various districts and regional education offices but nothing has been done to address the situation.

The number of times, these un-upgraded in-service teachers have been asked to submit documents for their upgrading process would be a story for another day.

It is certainly true that, “ruin of a land and its people begin in their homes” As blame ought to be put on successive governments, equally a great part of the blame out to be put on the Ghana Education Service (GES) and the teacher unions. Little have been done by these bodies to help these teachers out.

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Despite several engagements with Ghana Education Service (GES), Fair Wages and Salaries Commission (FWSC) and the Ministry of Education (MOE) and the countless ultimatum given, the upgrading struggles of these in-service teachers continue to linger on.

In a rather interesting development, the Juniors of these un-upgraded in-service teachers who offered the same degree programs from the Colleges of Education and the various Universities when placed on the salary scale would be ahead of their seniors.

The experiences of these in-service teachers is never in doubt and must be appreciated.

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It is about time, all the relevant stakeholders come together to settle the situation and give these in-service teachers what is rightly due them.

Only God knows what lies ahead as the in-Service Teachers upgrading woes remain unsolved.

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