Int’l Student Recruitment Ethical Practices Tackled, App Launched by MSM

Int’l Student Recruitment Ethical Practices Tackled, App Launched by MSM

Int’l Student Recruitment Ethical Practices Tackled in MSM Unify Webinar; Agent Training Course & Agent Connect App Launched

MSM Unify capped off its webinar with industry leaders entitled Ethical Practices in International Student Recruitment. We have explored diverse perspectives and strategies from various organizations throughout the world interested in advancing international education.

Education stakeholders and industry leaders have come together to tackle the pressing issues in the sector as well as the best and ethical practices that can be implemented moving forward.

According to May Arthur, Vice President for Global Partnerships at MSM, ethical recruitment practices are essential to preserving the value recruitment partners bring to the process.

As the launch of the MSM Unify Agent Connect App and MSM Unify Agent Training Course (MUATC) brings us to a close, this event has allowed us to better understand the practices that we can leverage to forward our campaigns in international student recruitment.

“MSM is proud of, and excited about, the recent launch of our Agent Training Course, and we are here to celebrate it,” Arthur said.

The pool of panelists was able to share their professional insights and experiences with the participants.

Gabriel Zelaya, one of the panelists from the US Department of Commerce, highlighted how they have promoted the US as a top destination for international students.

“We have historically supported partnership development between US education institutions, student groups, and agents and made them an integral part of our menu of services,” she noted.

In the context of the United Kingdom’s international education, meanwhile, Jacqui Jenkin of the British Council said that they want to make sure that those coming into the UK have a baseline understanding of the country.

Brian Whalen, Ph.D., Executive Director at AIRC has emphasized that the goal of education leaders is “to train partners to practice transparency, ethical principles, and openness.”

“It is incumbent of us to remain ethical with our partners in ensuring the honesty….in the context of our programs in terms of the opportunities [such as] housing, employment,” Victor Tomiczek, Director, International Recruitment and Global Partnerships at Cape Breton University, Canada, added.

Bobby Mehta of the University of Portsmouth and Chair of BUILA furthered that ethical practices in the day job making sure that agents are doing whatever they are supposed to be doing with the students being the center of all of that is really important.

“What we want to do is share best practices and formalize the work that was being done – to ensure that the best practices are being shared,” he added.

Joann Ng Hartman, Senior Impact Officer at NAFSA mentioned during the webinar the resources for ethical training that are out there now versus before when the field was just filling out. “Ethics is infused in a lot of our recruitment tools,” she highlighted.

The panelist contributed a lot to the flow of the webinar, highlighting the topic based on their first-hand experiences and in the specific contexts of various international study destinations.

As per Hersha Pandya, Executive Director, Partner Relations UK, MSM, “We had thought-provoking discussions from all the panel members who like us at MSM really value and support the student journey.”

“It’s vital to us that anyone assisting a student has all the tools to help them. We believe our agent training course (MUATC) and our agent connect app will make it so much easier for our partner agents to be in control and more importantly be totally up to date with industry knowledge,” she noted.

According to Avinav Sharma, Head – Strategy at MSM Unify, “The Education Agent Training Course – MUATC is an exciting new way to learn about the education agent industry and how to best work together as a team. The program is delivered online via the MSM Unify Learning Management Solution as well as MSM Unify Agent Connect App, which makes it easy for anyone to access from anywhere in the world. The course is designed to provide agents with the skills and knowledge they need to be successful in today’s competitive marketplace.”

“MSM Unify Agent Connect is your one-stop solution right in your hands to initiate, act upon, and track your student recruitment activities. This powerful tool is built to keep your needs in mind and give you more power on the go.” Sharma added.

We at MSM Unify would like to extend our deepest gratitude to the panelists who have had a fair share of industry-driven insights that could be beneficial to participating organizations and individuals.

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This event may have concluded, but the discovery and implementation of ethical practices in international student recruitment will continue. If you would like to get the latest updates or upcoming events, get in touch with us at You may also visit our official website

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