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Just In: 700 SHS Students Sacked From Kumasi Technical Institute -Ashanti Region.

Ashanti Region is one of the greatest Regions in Ghana. The people of Ashanti are very proud of their culture and they make sure the younger people grow to become responsible for both society and the Nation at large.

Kumasi Technical Institute is one of the most vibrant technical schools in the Ashanti Region of Ghana (Kumasi). News emerging from the campus of Kumasi Technical Institute in the Ashanti Region is not pleasant.  It had been reported that about seven Hundred (700) Students have been sacked from school.

The details of the news are all covered in this story. According to the report from one of the vibrant media houses in Ghana identified as Angel TV, it was confirmed with pictures of students leaving the premises of the schools with their bags and chop box. It was indicated some students were involved in several recalcitrant attitudes in the school which is giving a bad image to the authorities of the School. As if that is not enough some of the students do break bounce and sometimes threaten people leaving around the campus to take mobile phones and other valuable items.

In connection with this, the headmaster of the school announced a general assemble where all students are expected to gather, but a huge number of them refuse to honor the invitation of the headmaster hence the Headmaster gave a roll call and those who were not at the assemble are expected to go home and bring their parents or Guardian to explain their absence from the headmasters assemble.

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Given this, it was announced that 700 hundred students did not attend the assembly and were therefore sacked from the school premises. The headmaster of the school wants to instill discipline in the school to make sure students go by the rules and regulations.

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