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Lack of social support causing mental illness among school drop-outs – Dr. Ayesha Mughees

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In the previous years, school drop-out rates have significantly increased. Reports show that female students have outnumbered males in the aforementioned ratio. Research has helped identify several factors found to be responsible for the escalated number of mental illnesses among school drop-outs.

Some worrying issues regarding mental illness among school drop-outs

With disinterest in studies among students, their attention shifts to other things such as increased interest in the opposite gender, more indoor or outdoor games or perhaps just lack of interest in the subject contribute towards students dropping out of school. But the ratio tends to rise even more with lessened social support and increased mental health issues.

Distorted relationships, physical abuse, school or family politics, peer pressure, and restrictions all play a vital role in causing mental illnesses amongst those labeled as “kicked out.”

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Substandard rural and urban living conditions, low-quality education plus conveyance issues add to the said list of problems giving rise to the drop-out rate.

Reportedly, many lose confidence and feel left out seeing others graduate from school and live a normal healthy life with no apparent mental health issues or lessened social support but rather having the bulk side them in connection to it.

As cousins and friends succeed further in life with better jobs obtained via passing grades, it further deteriorates their mental condition. With documented evidence like “pink-card” indirectly saying the individual doesn’t fit the general population gives rise to an undiagnosed underlying inferiority complex.

Some drop-outs see it as a disability, opening their eyes to reality, forcing them out of their own fake world of delusions, and highlighting their actual performance.

Sadly, many of them consider this event as the “defining moment” of their lives. Many become jealous and start destroying the lives and careers of their competitors who excelled in school.

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According to doctors, psychological counseling sessions and psychiatric medications could help cure depression and build confidence. It could also prevent recurrence if managed effectively.

Mental illness among school drop-outs needs to continue to engage the attention of mental health specialists, governments, and society in general.

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Source: Dr.Ayesha Mughees

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