Love is Deep: See The Touching Message Christian Atsu’s Wife Emotionally Released For All Ghanaians

Atsu's wife
  • Love is Deep: See The Touching Message Christian Atsu’s Wife Emotionally Released For Ghanaians.

There is so much pain in losing a husband. Who will come to you in the cold weather? Life has been a great lesson for all humanity and we cannot phantom all lessons that life will tell us.

It is very sad for a nation like Ghana to lose such a great asset as Christian Atsu. Ghanaians will always remember the good works of Christian Atsu and his efforts for the Black Stars of Ghana. Following the painful demise of Christian Atsu, 17th March marked the final funeral rite and the lovely wife of the late Christian Atsu let a touch-breaking and emotional tribute that leaves Ghanaians in tears. There is a saying that, Experience is the best teacher and those who lost their beloved husbands will understand what is happening to the Wife of the late Christian Atsu.

  1. According to Marie -Claire Rupio, Her dear husband is still in her heart, and she will forever be with him even in death. “You did not go alone, for part of me went with you. Your lope is still my guide, and I thought I cannot see it”. – Emotional tears from beloved wife mourning her lovely husband at his final funeral rite.

Christian Atsu died in Turkey following an Earthquake that occurred the night after he secured a win for his team in turkey. It is very sad. Christian Atsu is a philanthropist, and he helped many people to come out of prison after settling their debt.

As part of his career, Christian Atsu was able to give massive support to orphans. There are many other events and good works of Christian Atsu we cannot tell them all in a single event. Indeed, Christian Atsu died as a hero.

It is almost one week since Christian Atsu was buried. His wife has released a new message to all Ghanaians after their safe arrival in the UK.

” I want to thank all Ghanaians who have welcomed me and my family safely and kindly. Thank you for your love and kindness”. – she started.

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