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Nana Asameni, the chief who seized the Christianborg Castle

Do you know that Christianborg Castle, established by the Danes in 1659 was once captured by the great Nana Asameni of the Akwamu Kingdom?

Nana Asameni was the chief of Akwamu Kingdom in the eastern region of Ghana.

Akwamu was part of the powerful Akans state in the pre-colonial era. Through the huge weapons they possessed they were able to fight and subdue any strong or weak Kingdom.

Christianborg also known as Osu Castle is located in Greater Accra region of Ghana. The castle was built by the Danes in the year 1659.

The Castle was serving as the residents for the Colonial governor, market and center for other European ceremonial functions.

During the colonial era, the Akwamus controlled gold, ivory and slave trade in the Colony.

Upon their trading activities, they decided to expand their boundaries to other parts of the country.

In 1670, they moved to Accra and traded with the Portuguese, Danes and Swedish directly without any intermediaries.

The Akwamus occupied the Accra Plains by 1681.

They began to put measures in place to conquer and own the forts and castles under the European possession.

Christianborg castle was one of the key castle targeted by the Akwamu Chiefs and Traders.

In 1693, Nana Asameni, the paramount chief of the Akwamu Kingdom, plan to seize and control the castles built and managed by the Europeans.

Nana Asameni moved from Akwamu to Accra, basically to ensure that he achieve his aspirations by capturing the Castle and other trading activities in the capital of the Colonial administration.

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He consulted prominent people who know the day-to-day affairs of the castle and questioned them about the arrival of the boats and ships owned by the Danes, how the castle is managed and the security measures in the Castle.

After obtaining the necessary information about the Castle, Asameni sent information to the Danes that he will be visiting the castle still with his guards with the purpose of purchasing ammunition for protection against States that plan conflict against them.

Nana Asameni and eighty (80) armed men storm the Castle by surprise in June 1693.

Nana Asameni, the chief who seized the Christianborg castle
Christianborg castle keys

The Akwamus led by Nana Asameni were able to attack the Danes and other European merchants in the castle.

After the seizing of the castle, he appointed himself as the governor of the Christianborg castle and replace the Danes with Akwamu flag.

Asameni manage the administration of the castle for one year until he agreed to return the castle to Danish for 16000 pieces of silver.

The motives behind the seizing of the Castle by Nana was basically to monopolized trading activities in the Colony.

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Currently, the Christianborg castle keys are part of Akwamu State Property.

Statue of Nana Asameni holding gun and keys on his left hand have been mounted to honor his brilliant efforts in capturing the Osu Castle.

The statue is situated at Atimpoku round about just before Adomi Bridge.


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