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2021 NTC GTLE examination offenses to avoid on May 6 & 7

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Are you writing the NTC GTLE examination? Do you know the GTLE examination offenses to avoid? Read on and be updated.

The 2021 NTC 2021 GTLE is scheduled for May 6th and 7th across several examination centres. The NTC has released a set of examination offences that will not go unpunished if any candidate is caught.

This was disclosed in a blog post by the National Teaching Council. The conducts that constitute examination malpractices according to the National Teaching Council (NTC) are as follows

It is important that teachers avoid the outlined NTC 2021 GTLE examination offenses on May 6 and 7. Protect your career, take no high risk to break any of the examination rules.

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NTC 2021 GTLE examination offenses to avoid on May 6 and 7

There are about 18 examination offences the National Teaching Council has advised candidates to refrain from but below are some 5 serious ones.

  1. Offence: Leakage of Examination questions. This involves any knowledge or possession of examination questions before the examinations

Penalty: Dismissal of the offender(s) involved

  1. Offence: Impersonation – Impersonating another candidate or allowing one’s self to be impersonated.

Penalty: Dismissal and or prosecution of candidates involved.

  1. Offence: Assisting or attempting to assist, obtaining or attempting to obtain assistance from a candidate or non-candidate

Penalty: Cancellation of the candidate’s paper and to rewrite the following year when the paper is being taken.

  1. Offence: Writing after the examination has ended after persistent reminder.

Penalty: Caution for the 1st Offence. For the 2nd Offence, the paper is to be cancelled and the candidate to rewrite the following year when the paper is being taken.

  1. Offence: Failure to write Index Numbers on question paper after persistent reminder.

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Penalty: Caution for the first time. After the first caution, if the Index Number is still not written, it should be interpreted as an intention to cheat.
The candidate should be stopped from writing the paper.

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Candidates are advised to follow examination rules and avoid the temptation of breaking any of the examination rules.

Good luck to all our teachers.

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