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NTC’s latest update to qualified unposted graduate teachers

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The National Teaching Council (NTC) has indicated that its mandate is to license teachers and not to post graduate teachers. 

This was disclosed by the NTC registrar, Dr. Christian Addai Poku as a response to questions from qualified unposted graduate teachers who sought to find out from the NTC why they have not been posted.

The unposted graduate teachers issue

There are many graduate teachers who have met all the basic but required requirements for employment by the GES but for reasons best known to the highest employer of teachers in Ghana, the GES employs only a handful of graduate teachers from the universities. 

He said “NTC work is not to employ teaches but to license them”

According to Dr. Christian Addai Poku, the NTC is different from Ghana Education Service. The NTC licenses teachers while the GES posts teachers. We do not employ graduate teachers, that is the work of the GES” Dr. Christian Addai Poku said in an interview monitored by 

According to him, his outfit is also charged with issuing teachers who have completed their training, National Service, and passed the licensure examination with the license.

So after we (NTC) has issued you the teaching license, you have to go and find your own job but if Ghana Education Service sees you fit and considers you for employment that is fine.” he disclosed during the interview. 

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He advised licensed teachers who have not been employed by the GES to seek jobs in private schools. He furthered that, such teachers could also work as education consultants and train other teachers and that it was not the responsibility of the teaching council to employ them. 

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