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Over 500 Ghanaian Students To Study in France – French Embassy

Over 500 Ghanaian Students are Enrolled in Studies in France Start your journey to study in France at the 6th Ghana-France 2024 University Encounters on 6th & 8th February

A French government organization called Campus France has reported that there are 500 Ghanaian students enrolled in French universities at the moment.

Over 500 Ghanaian Students are Enrolled in Studies in France

The information that over 500 Ghanaian students are enrolled in studies in France was announced by Ms. Beatrice Khaiat, Deputy Director of Campus France, Paris. While making the announcement, she stated that while the number of students was good, Ghana and France could perform better working together.

It’s fantastic; however, the majority of your pupils are welcome in the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, and Canada, and we are far from them. Together, we can do more,” she remarked.

At the opening of the Ghana-France Higher Education and Research Conference in Accra this year, Ms. Khaiat made that statement.

This year’s conference, which spans four days and is the sixth in the series, is being sponsored by the French Embassy in Ghana and Campus France, a French higher education organization that supports and encourages students and individuals looking to study in France.

Attending the event is a French delegation of twelve higher education institutions, comprising public universities, business schools, and engineering schools.

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The Marketing

The goal is to foster mutual understanding and foster conversations between French and Ghanaian higher education institutions regarding potential collaborations for faculty and student exchange programmes and the creation of collaborative research initiatives.

According to Ms. Khaiat, Campus France organised two of these gatherings in 2019 and 2021 in collaboration with the embassy.

“Those occasions have strengthened ties between French and Ghanaian organisations.


She stated that the organization’s main goal was to promote French higher education overseas. “In the meantime, the number of Ghanaian students coming to France increased by 33 percent,” she said.

She stated that the French Embassy awarded 85 scholarships to Ghanaian students enrolled in French the previous year.

The Dedication of France

“It is evident that France is dedicated to accepting students from around the world.

We have been working on a policy since 2018 dubbed “Bienvenue en France,” which translates to “Welcome to France.” By 2027, we hope to have 500,000 international students studying in France.

“France is ranked sixth in terms of international students and welcomes over 400,000 students from around the world,” the spokesperson stated.

Speaking French was no longer a requirement for studying in France, according to Ms. Khaiat, who also mentioned that the nation provided more than 1,500 English-taught programmes.

It’s also crucial to understand that, in contrast to Anglo-Saxon nations, public university tuition in France is incredibly inexpensive. A PhD only costs 380€ each year, a bachelor’s 2770€, and a master’s 3770€,” the speaker stated.

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Rev. John Ntim Fordjour, a Deputy Minister of Education, welcomed attendees to the conference and stated that the Ministry of Education was still dedicated to enhancing its relationships with France in the field of education.

According to him, since 2010, Ghana and the French Institute for Research and Development (IRD) have worked together on research projects that have included, among other things, infectious illness research.


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The Partnership

“The Ministry of Education is resolute in creating pathways for more academic collaborations with France and francophone institutions,” he stated.

Jules-Armand Aniambossou, the French ambassador to Ghana, stated that for the benefit of both countries, France and Ghana needed to listen to and learn from one another.

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He noted that one of the reasons the conference was taking place was because both countries have excellent educational systems.

The Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration has a long history of collaboration with French higher education institutions, according to Augustina Akonnor, acting deputy rector of the institute.

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She claimed that the development of international partnerships was the way of the future and that the majority of universities worldwide had anticipated the vital role that international academic partnerships would play in supporting a global ecosystem for higher education.

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