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Gov’t Owes Us 8 Months Arrears : Allied Health Nat. Ser. Interns demand their money

Allied Health Interns Allowance

Information reaching shows that government owes Allied Health National Service Interns 8 months of unpaid allowances.

While the nation’s Allied Health National Service Interns continue to contribute to health delivery, they are yet to receive their service allowances.

Allied Health Interns Allowance – 8 months Arrears

The interns furthered that, “interns started their service in October last year, and eight 8 months down the lane most of these interns have no idea of the status of their IPPD forms, not to talk of getting staff IDs and further on getting biometric registration done to subsequently get paid.”

“It is so disheartening to hear that not all interns have had their Staff IDs to even permit them to go for their biometric registration.” the intern lamented.

The government’s failure to pay their allowances has made life even tougher for them. The question is, how many of our newly appointed MPs and Ministers have not been paid since they were appointed?

In a post sighted by, a concerned member of the health service interns bemoaned the government’s failure to ensure their means of survival while serving the nation is paid.

Sadly, the Allied Health National Service Interns don’t even know the exact amount they will be receiving per month.

They are therefore calling on the government, the Ministry of health, and the ministry of finance to come clear on the value of their delayed 8 months allowances.

The National Service Personnels have therefore called on the President, Ministry of Health (MOH), Ministry of Finance (MOF), and the Ghana Federation Of Allied health professions (GFAHP) to take action on the delayed Allied health professionals allowances.

Due to the delay in paying the National Service allowance by those in authority, Allied Health National Service Interns are faced with difficulties, and accessing the basic necessities of life has become a mirage.

They are unable to feed themselves, pay utilities, transportation to work, clothing, and many others with no money at their disposal.

Even though they are unhappy, hitting the street is not our option now because they are professionals who do leave their work unattended, but if it becomes necessary, the Allied Health National Service Interns may hit the street in their numbers to drive home their demand for what is due them.

According to the interns, they do not think that the only language leaders and politicians understand is demonstration. But if that becomes the last option, they may be forced to embark on the demonstration.

They have therefore called on the leadership of the Ministry of Health and all other related stakeholders to take proactive steps to pay their allowance now without any delays or excuses.

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“A hungry health worker is a threat to patients life” the intern reminded those in leadership. This is an urgent call for the government to take action now and let Allied Health National Service Interns enjoy work and happiness and not work in pain and hunger. The message to government is this “Pay Allied Health Interns Allowance in Arrears now!”




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