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Recovery Term 2 Lesson Plans to Download

Recovery Term 2 Lesson Plans to Download

PLEASE READ CAREFULLY: This article “Recovery Schools Term 2 Lesson Plans to Download” is to explain to teachers who did 8 weeks of recovery, the lessons they should download from our lesson plan link [TERM TWO LESSON PLANS]

In term one of the academic year, each public school teacher taught his or her respective level 8 weeks of the previous level thus (Term 3) and 4 weeks of the current level (Team 1).

Using 12 weeks of teaching as an example in this new second term, teachers may continue with this arrangement.

This will require 8 weeks lessons from term one and 4 weeks from term 2 lessons. This will add up to 12 weeks.

Using Basic 2 as an example, the teacher will teach Basic two lessons for term 1 starting from Week 5 up to week 12 (that will be 8 weeks). The next four weeks lessons will be basic two-term 2 lessons from week 1 to week 4.

Find attached a suggested schedule for each class from KG1 to basic 6. Kindly note that this is a suggestion and not information emanating from the Ghana Education Service.

This is aimed at demystifying the challenge teachers are facing and helping find a way around it.

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DOWNLOAD [Recovery Lesson Guide PDF]

Recovery Term 2 Lesson Plans DOWNLOAD :[Term 2 Lesson Plans Now]

Recovery Term 2 Lesson Plans


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