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Release 2020 School Placement, We are Tired of the Drama and Stress

BECE 2020 School Placement-min

Release the 2020 School Placement, We are tired of the Drama and Stress. This is the summary of the mood across the country. 

The 2020 BECE graduates have waited longer than any year batch for the release of school placements on the CSSPS portal.

It has been 92 days or 3 months since the 2020 BECE results were released by WAEC.


The anxiety created by the delay is putting Students and parents through psychological

Communicators of the GES released dates during engagements with media houses only for the GES to turn around and call publication on the date from such as fake news.

However, whiles the placement continues to delay, SHS1 students (2020 BECE graduates waiting for their placements) are expected to report to school from 10th March 2020.

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If this is to be realized, the GES and the officers working on the school placement must double their efforts and release the placement at least 21 days clear from 10th March.

From today till 10th March 2021 is 24 clear days to reopening for SHS1 students who will report to school with SHS2 Gold track students.

Are we to expect the release of the results?

The school placements were not released on 3rd February as anticipated, on the 4th GES through its press release debunked the date and disclosed it was still working on the placements.

Information gathered in the rumour mill is pointing at 16th February however, we cannot vouch for the accuracy of the said date.

When will the School placements be out?

Do you know when GES will release the school placements?

What is the new date for the 2020 School placement?

We are tired of the delay; I am stressed up. Why are they delaying?

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The above are just a few of the questions and sentiments of students and parents as we all wait anxiously for the release of the schools into which the 2020 BECE graduates have been placed.

The earlier the BECE 2020 SHS placements are released, the better for parents.

This will afford parents enough time to prepare for their ward’s return to school.
Students who may be placed in modern houses will also have to know so that parents can prepare for the departure of these learners.

The GES has had enough time to complete the process. Destress our BECE graduates, lessen the tension in students, release the placements.

If the system is truly a Computerized School Selection & Placement System, it is time the GES thinks of using artificial intelligence to speed up the placement process. 

The current system does not seem like a computerized system if students have to wait this long.

The GES must come out with a date or its timelines, if any, and help calm nerves or release the 2020 School Placement.




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