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Restructure teacher licensure examination curriculum to decrease failure -TTAG

Restructure licensure examination curriculum

Restructure licensure examination curriculum is the latest call from the TTAG as the massive failure recorded in the last examination takes centre stage in discussions among stakeholders and teachers in particular.


Students from TTAG, a teachers’ training association in Ghana, are calling on the government to reform its curricula in order to increase their chances of passing their

While the Association does not oppose the Minority’s request for a suspension of the test, Joshua Owusu Yeboah, its National Coordinator, believes that reforming how it is conducted is a better option.

“But the view of teacher trainee is not about we been against the licensure examination. We are of the view that the modus operandi regarding this licensure examination is what not favorable. Could you imagine that for about three years in which this licensure examination came we don’t have the textbook for the licensure examination.

Now a lot of people try to compare on what is happening in the nursing institution to the colleges of education. but in the nursing institution, their licensure examination is part of their course they do but in the case of trainees, you will have to go home then come back and write the licensure examination”

Teachers who took the National Teaching Council (NTC) examinations in March 2021 failed at least two subjects.

On his part, Mr. Owusu Yeboah pointed out that the teacher trainees’ insufficient reading materials were to blame for the widespread failure

A revision of the course curriculum is also needed, he said, so that licensing becomes a

“You don’t have any text book, you don’t have any past questions that you go through so what are you going to write. So to me the mass failure of this examination is because of this They should include the teacher licensure exams in the curriculum.

In colleges of education we are practicing four years degree program, when they get to their last year, they should teach them the licensure courses as they do in the nursing colleges and training colleges. So that when they person sits for the exams they will be fully prepared”


The teacher Licensure examination was introduced in 2018 to give teachers the needed certificate to practice in Ghana.

Do you support the call for NTC to restructure the licensure examination curriculum?


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