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How to form a Robotics Club (Roboclub) in your school

Robotics Club (Roboclub)

STEM Education and robotics go hand in hand; today, forming a Robotics Club (Roboclub) in your school can increase your students practical knowledge and interest in robotics and Artificial intelligence.

A club needs only 5 members to start operating and getting all the help through the online training offered right here in Ghana. One institution that is leading this key drive is Technoxian and its associate in Ghana Edubotics Enterprises.

Why form a Robotic Club (Roboclub)  or be a member?

1. You learn the best robot building skills and knowledge from the world’s best and largest robotics training institutions.

2. Both theory and practicals are thought and made meaningful through knowledge application to help you build your own robots.

3. Members can take part in 9 categories of competition once they acquire the needed skills by building their own Robots.

4. Your membership of the Technoxian Roboclub gives you an added advantage to be ranked by IRC.

5. Club listing for International Ranking

6. FREE Learning Sessions to make robotics projects (Coding, Programming, Assembling, Operating). Live Interaction with Experts throughout the year

7. Interaction with International Clubs. Exchange knowledge and technologies with them.

8. The Robotics Club (Roboclub) can participate in District/ National/ International competitions.

9. Showcasing Club’s Innovation on National/ International Platforms.

10. Showcasing Club’s Accomplishments on TechnoXian Media.

11. Sponsorship support for Top Ranking Clubs.

12. Engagement and Interaction with lots of Tech Platforms.

Roboclub members who have acquired the minimum training, and experience in building robots can compete in the world’s largest robotics championship “TechnoXian”.

The organization has well-tried and tested up-to-date content for communication to educational institutions and clubs.



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How to Register a Robotics Club (Roboclub)

Visit Edubotics website in Ghana and register now – Website

Call Edubotics in Ghana on – +233 50 059 1552

Email Edubotics in Ghana through- [email protected]

TechnoXian Website Home- Website

How to register a Robuclub in Ghana  – Website


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