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Video: Schools in deprived communities: Ghana’s “DISPIRITED” School Building Needs Help

schools in deprived communities

Schools in deprived communities cannot boast of any good school. This is one of Ghana’s dispirited school buildings which will break the hearts of many. It would not in any way motivate any teacher posted there to educate young minds. It is a disgrace to this nation after 64 years of independence. 

URGENT: The newly posted teacher who took the video should get in touch with GhanaEducation.Org. We need the name of the school and the exact location. 


Schools in Deprived Communities and SDG 4 – Education

SDG 4 is to ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all’ and has seven targets and three means of implementation.

Target 4 A: Education facilities and learning environments – Build and upgrade education facilities that are child, disability and gender sensitive and provide safe, non-violent, inclusive, and effective learning environments for all.

Ghana can not boast of this if there are structures like the one shown in this video. How can quality be delivered and obtained by teachers and learners in such an environment?


Ghana’s “DISPIRITED” School Building that needs to be fixed

The school environment and the edifice in which learners are educated can have an effect on pupils and teachers.

A video of a death trap mud building without desks owned by the Ghana Education Service (Public school) has surfaced on the internet.

A newly posted teacher yet to be identified shared her disappointment in the 30 seconds video.

In the video, she lamented that she left home to come to the school to teach, and this is what she came to meet. 

There are many basic schools across the country that find themselves in this sad condition with no effort by the government to improve them.

Many of these structures can break, cave in, and hurt young learners and teachers if care is not taken.

A careful look at the classroom and school captured depicts a very demotivating picture. Big sticks hanging on “Y” sticks (“Y” shaped tree branches)  have been set up to serve as chairs or desks for learners. Thes come without tables.

The Ghana Education Service must set a basic standard that all schools in deprived communities must meet, raise and allocate resources for the strategic transformation of schools in our villages and deprived communities.

Governments over the years have failed to do this.

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Basic schools, in general, have been neglected as the government focus on Secondary schools for political gains.

This is done at the expense of basic schools, with the Schools in deprived communities and villages suffering in perpetuity for basic infrastructure (Classroom blocks and desks) among others. 


Who is responsible for building and resourcing schools?

However, efforts towards developing and lifting schools in deprived areas to decent standards are the responsibility of the entire society with the government spearheading the change. 

NGOs and other stakeholders of education must redefine where and what they invest resources into and give more attention to schools such as this.

Corporate Ghana must also move away from funding projects that are not human-centered, adopt such schools, and give them befitting transformation. 


What can we do for this school? 

There is so much we can do to transform this school and tell a beautiful story. Let us give this school a facelift irrespective of where it is. Schools in deprived communities can be modernized, and that is the way to go.

The learners and teachers deserve a decent place called a school for teaching and learning.

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The worried teacher who took this short but emotion-filled video should get in touch with

Let us engage stakeholders such as NGOs, Corporate Ghana, and philanthropists home and abroad and give this school a changeover. 

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We invite all who want to support this project to come on board.

Come and support this school and put a big smile on posterity from today.

We believe together, we can change the story of this school. Come on board.



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