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Shelve No Salary Increment Decision, Render an Unqualified Apology to Ghanaians – CCT-GH

Coalition of Concerned Teachers (CCT-GH) is clear...shelve the No Salary Increment Decision. 

The Coalition of Concerned Teachers (CCT-GH), Ghana has called on the Government of Ghana to render an unqualified apology to Ghanaians for taking a very unpopular decision not to increase the minimum wage until 2024.

The recent hikes in prices of goods made everyone hope for an increment of salary for public sector workers.

The Ministry of Finance’s latest update didn’t come in the way public sector workers hoped. The Finance Ministry has said that there will be no increase in public sector workers’ salaries until the year 2024.

The (CCT-GH) called on the government to shelve the No Salary Increment decision. The union further said the posture of government affects the spirit of negotiation and fairness, especially when the various actors and stakeholders were already in the middle of negotiations on the minimum wage and a possible increment.

This decision of the government has raised concerns from many people and associations. Calls have been made calling on The Ministry to consider their statement.

The Coalition of Concerned Teachers, Ghana has asked the Finance Ministry to render an Unqualified Apology to Ghanaians concerning this year’s budget.

The union holds the view that the Ghanaian worker has sacrificed enough and should not in any way be treated in this manner.



Some Ghanaians are asking how can the government increase ministers and Members of parliament salaries but not the hardworking public sector workers? The message to the government from the Coalition of Concerned Teachers (CCT-GH) is clear…shelve the No Salary Increment Decision.



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