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Teacher License Renewal Strategies: 10 Steps to build points

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Teachers who have qualified for the Teacher License are required to renew the license when they expire. However, the renewal will not be based on passing an examination but on building the needed minimum points.

In some parts of the world, teachers are expected to get a minimum of 180 points when renewing a 5-year teaching license. 

The question is, what are the steps teachers can take to make sure they accumulate the least number of points to qualify for the renewal when they are due?

This is how easy it is to build points for Teacher License Renewal 

1. Teachers are to prepare a scheme of learning at the beginning of the term and get a point.

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2. Teachers are required to prepare lesson plans for the term and get the required point(s)

3. They need to attend at least 8 PLC meetings in the term and get a point.

4. Take part in the Continuous Professional Development Day (CPDD) and get a point.

5. Get a point by organizing quizzes for the students

6. Take part in extracurricular events such as sports, culture, March pass and get a point.

7. Get a point by attending circuit-based or Districts cases workshops.

8. Read a journal; use the knowledge gained to deliver a lesson, get evidence of progress, and get the needed point

9. Identify a problem in your class, carry out action research and layout proposed solutions, and be rewarded with a point. Ten pages of research are recommended for teachers.  

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10. Assess learners, use derived outcome of assessments for an intervention. In the end, if the intervention yields positive results, the teacher earns a point.

Teachers who want to build the points and meet the minimum point requirements for easy renewal can take the above steps to do so. However, they need to ensure that the points are entered on their behalf. 

Teachers are required to renew their teaching license and they will have to gain some additional professional and personal competence that will make them effective and efficient.


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These improvements are expected to lead to better job delivery by teachers, leading to student improvement. 

The time to put in efforts towards your Teacher License Renewal is now.

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