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Teacher Trainees “Demonstration” strategies against govt leaked (Proof)

teacher trainees allowance REDUCED Teacher Trainees fight increased teaching practicum and examination fees Teacher Trainees "Demonstration" strategies against govt leaked

Ghana Education News| August 2021| Teacher Trainees “Demonstration” strategies against government leaked.

The Conference of Local TTAG Presidents (PRESCOF) has planned series of activities to be carried out to ensure the concerns of teacher trainees which have been neglected by the government are addressed. The document containing a planned set of actions to be undertaken has been leaked onto social media and sighted by

The Teacher Trainees “Demonstration” strategies

The decision to demonstrate and let the concerns of trainees be heard by the general public was agreed on at an emergency meeting of the Presidents of all local TTAGs on Friday 20th August 2021.

The concerns of the Teacher Trainees of great concern and which will be tabled in the said demonstrations include but are not limited to teacher trainees allowance which the government has stopped paying. Teacher trainees are struggling to survive and information reaching this portal indicates that their allowance for the semester is yet to be paid.

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Another concern related to the allowances is the feeding component and fees to be paid next semester.


According to the Conference of Local TTAG Presidents (PRESCOF), its demonstrations shall be done through coming out with hashtags on issues concerning them on all social media platforms, publications in the media as well as organizing press conferences.

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It hoped that its actions will help provide a stronger voice for trainees, make their concerns public, and get them resolved while ensuring it does not act contrary to the laws of Ghana.

“This action is to move a STEP FURTHER AND RISE A STRONG VOICE FOR TRAINEES in order to make our concerns get to the public for its redress. Meanwhile, PRESCOF shall advise itself to adopt other actions within the arms of the Constitution of the Republic of Ghana for the realization of the grievances of trainees been resolved.” The document stated.

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Below is the document leaked on social media and sighted by your authoritative education portal GhanaEducation.Org.

Teacher Trainees Demonstration strategies


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