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The Demise Of Davido’s Son; 4 Lessons That Parents Can Learn

The Demise Of Davido's Son; 4 Lessons That Parents Can Learn

The death demise of David’s son is currently one of the trending news on social media.  Death is inevitable and everyone will surely taste death. However, the manner and moment in which certain news updates do occur us heartbreaking and dangerous to tackle. We pray to God to keep us and to grant us long life with good health and prosperity.

Deaths In November
Davido and family

Another terrible news item circulating on social media has to do with the untimely demise of Davido’s son. According to the report gathered, the young boy died after drowning in a swimming pool. It was also indicated that the security man at the house saw the young boy Ifeanyi Adeleke in the Swimming Pool after they look for the boy for about 20 minutes without seeing him. Further information depicts that, the police invited the domestic workers in Davido’s house for further Interrogation.


Lessons to learn from demise of Davido’s son.

One of the lessons parents can learn from this story is to learn how to go out with their Children. Of course, not all occasion requires the presence of Children but there are certain occasions in which the presence of a child can help to avert unforeseen circumstances. The death of Ifeanyi Adeleke occurred when Davido Adeleke and Chioma Rowland were not in the house. They would have averted this situation if Ifeanyi should have to go with them.

Deaths In November
Davido and family

The second lesson has to do with how to deal with domestic workers in your house. Some parents have abandoned their household responsibilities all because of the presence of domestic. We do not mean that Chioma Rowland and Davido are not responsible, some parents tend to leave everything in the hands of their domestic workers. Parents must be up and doing.

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Lessons Parents Can Learn From the Death Of Ifeanyi Adeleke.

Again, there must always be a proper structure of a swimming pool in the house which must not be easily accessed by children.

We must also try as much as possible to take prophecies from Prophets serious.

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