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Things To Know Before Applying For A Passport In Ghana

How To Apply For A Passport In Ghana, Step To Step

Applying for your Ghanaian passport has now been made even much easier than it was before. It was quite hectic in the previous years and here are things to know before applying for a Passport in Ghana.

Things To Know Before Applying For A Passport In Ghana

You can now apply for your passport and then receive it at any passport center in the country.

You do not need to travel to Accra just to get a new passport or to renew a passport. All of these can now be done online.

Due to this, the price of the passport has increased a bit.

The online passport application system has been functioning since 2017 and it is now the only channel through which anyone can apply for a Ghanaian passport.

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This was after the new online application system was launched by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Regional Integration.

The online passport application process has also been integrated with online payment systems which have made it easier to use. You do not have to go to the bank to get a PIN.

What You Need Before Applying

There are some things that are required before you will be able to apply for the Ghanaian passport online. Below are the needed documents.

Birth certificate, for proof of citizenship as a Ghanaian.
Other documents like driver license or ID card.
Proof of profession, you will need an introductory letter from your employer or you can use a work ID which bears your name along with your position as well as that of the organization that you work for. You can also use a student ID if you are not working at the moment

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Renewing Your Passport

In any case you want to renew your passport, you will need to provide

1. First page and bio data page along with the picture and information of your passport

2. A valid visa if you have any in the old passport

3. The last page

4. Proof of your profession if you have change worked since the time you first got the passport

Price Of Passports In Ghana

The prices of the application are different since there are two types of applications. These are the expedited application which is also known as ‘Express’ and the standard application which takes longer than the expedited application to process. Check the prices below.

Standard application with a 32-page booklet costs GHS 100, while the one with a 48-page booklet costs GHS 150.

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Expedited application with a 32-page booklet costs GHS 150, while the one with the 48-page booklet costs GHS 200.

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