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Those Laughing At My Prophecies Will Surely Need The Services Of A Prophet One Day – Nigel Gaisie

Founder and leader of Prophetic Hill Chapel, Prophet Nigel Gaisie has served a notice to all social media commentators and also persons who have criticised and mocked his 31st Night prophecies.
In a Facebook post sighted by, Prophet Nigel Gaisie revealed that the word ‘Prophecy’ brought up most of the political activists and various individuals in the country. He added that all persons who mock his prophecies or mock any Prophet will surely need the services of a prophet one day.
According to Nigel Gaisie, he sees this current generation and nation as Funny because they seem to play with everything Prophetic.

Below is his full post on Facebook.

Let no prophet or student of prophetism worry about the attacks or mockery on *Prophets Or Prophetism*…It is biblical.Its sad to hear respected members of society saying *RUBBISH *about prophetism or prophets if you care to no’,it is prophecy that brought you guys to where you guys are “NOW”…..I read some of the post and I shake my head because they are babies and carnal,they don’t no what goes on behind the deep curtains….YOU CAN MOCK PROPHCIES,WRITE OR SAY ALL YOU CAN ABOUT IT..I DARE SAY ..THE SITUATION THAT WILL LET YOU NEED A PROPHET OR PROPHCIES WILL SURLY COME”….Funny Generation And Nation….N.B…Don’t prove us to come out to say things which are not TIMELY…..REALLY….KMT…..Don’t be over confident because the journey is still long and others are more confident than you.Where were you when we were taking the BULLETS…To Every Step Of Life,Is A Prophecy But To The Carnal Mind,They live by their strength”.FUNNY GENERATION!!WICKED AND UNGRATEFUL PEOPLE!.Restoration, 2023….PNG.

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This comes after Nigel Gaisie released some prophecies about what would hit the world in 2023 at his Watch Night service on 31 December, 2022.

Some of his prophecies included the change of the Inspector-General of Police (IGP) in the “Republic of Yempɛ Nokware” in 2023, a plot to k!ll a former Arsenal star of Togolese nationality, among others.

The Overseer always comes out with prophecies on December 31st. Among these is the prophecy about a terror attack in the “Republic of Umuofia” in 2022.

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